VT SafetyNet resumes Basic Life Support and CPR/AED/First Aid

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VT SafetyNet resumes Basic Life Support and CPR/AED/First Aid

Sat, 07/11/2020 - 3:28am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine VT SafetyNet has been providing Basic Life Support CPR/AED and First Aid certification onsite for business and for individuals through the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, and other nationally-recognized organizations for the past 20 years. In March, when Governor Scott issued a stay at home order in Vermont, they put classes on hold and shifted their focus to PPE fittings for healthcare professionals.

As the state’s economy began to reopen, VT SafetyNet was ready to resume instruction — with strict protocols in place. However, physical distancing guidelines presented a challenge.

Thanks to a collaboration with DEW Construction in Williston, VT SafetyNet is now able to offer courses in a COVID-safe training space. DEW cleared their warehouse and now students can be 10 feet apart while practicing CPR.

“It may be unconventional to take a CPR course in a warehouse,” says VT SafetyNet’s owner/instructor Tamara McLaughlin. However, the space is ideal for strict COVID safety guidelines due to its high ceilings and industrial-sized garage doors that will supply fresh air during training. While a lot has changed the CPR/AED skills are the same.”

In addition, most of VT SafetyNet classes will now be blended learning classes, which means much of the class can be completed on a computer at home/work to decrease in-person time. The hands-on skill practice and certification, which takes about an hour, will be taken at DEW’s warehouse. 

“We’re excited to get back to work and help healthcare workers, childcare providers, and other individuals maintain their skills and confidence in their life-saving abilities,” says McLaughlin.

Visit www.VTSafetyNet.com to learn more about upcoming classes or to schedule a safety training for your workplace. 

VT SafetyNet delivers a low-stress and learning-rich training environment using an engaging, student-centered teaching approach. Every class is tailored to match the varying educational and experience levels of the group. We provide personalized attention and flexibility that national providers cannot. Our commitment to outstanding service and training has been the key to our success.

Source: VT SafetyNet