Stay in Vermont – Telework Survey

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Stay in Vermont – Telework Survey

Sat, 07/11/2020 - 6:50am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine During the pandemic, we have heard of many people who have come (or returned) to Vermont to “shelter in place” – sometimes bringing their remote job with them. In collaboration with the Vermont Futures Project and the University of Vermont we are asking people if they think they might stay in Vermont when things return to more normal. And what Vermont might do to keep them here.

Take the survey here. More information is here.


Around the country, thousands of employers have told employees not to come to the office for the foreseeable future. Tech industry leaders Facebook, Google, Amazon see more telework in the future. And it’s not just tech — nonprofit organizations, artists, writers, communicators and small businesses are finding that more that can be done from a “home” office.

Some of these jobs could be done from anywhere, so why not Vermont?

Vermont tops many lists as an attractive place to live. Good health care, access to stunning natural landscapes, smart, environmentally-friendly politics, and, when it comes to the pandemic, few states are doing it better.

But the state faces huge demographic challenges – like many rural areas across the U.S. — an aging population, low birth rates and limited in-migration has led to population declines in almost all Vermont counties.

Is there anything in this current moment that makes people take a second look at living in Vermont? Will some of them choose to stay? What can Vermont do to convince them?

These are some of the questions we seek to answer. We want to hear from artists, writers, engineers, teachers and trainers, businesses and nonprofits: what would it take to get you to think more about Vermont as a place to live and work?

Take the survey here. More information is here.

Contact us directly with any thoughts or questions.

Contact Richard Watts at or 802-373-1131 with any questions.

Richard is the Director of the Center for Research on Vermont