Former gubernatorial candidate and political activist announces run for Lt. Governor

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Former gubernatorial candidate and political activist announces run for Lt. Governor

Sat, 01/18/2020 - 4:58am -- Brandon

Brenda Siegel, founder and director of the Southern Vermont Dance Festival, and Democratic party candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

Vermont Business Magazine Brenda Siegel, 2018 candidate for governor and long time political activist announces her run for Lieutenant Governor as a Democrat.  Siegel is the founder and director of the Southern Vermont Dance Festival, a writer of political and socio-economic commentaries and proud single mom.  

“After a lifetime of working on the ground as an administrator, community leader, and political activist, I will bring the people’s voices into the People’s House. We are in a new era of politics where all voices and types of experience matter. Vermont needs statewide leaders who reflect the identities and experiences of regular Vermonters” said Siegel. “Moreover, we must expect our elected leaders to do more to support, reflect and make room for historically marginalized voices of black and brown Vermonters, transgender folks, lgbtquia+, Indigenous people, people with disabilities, and young people in our democracy. I am committed to bringing this kind of leadership into the Statehouse and state government.”

Siegel decided to run for Lieutenant Governor after strongly considering how to best move forward a policy agenda that creates a state where regular people can not only survive, but also thrive. The position of Lieutenant Governor can positively work with legislative proceedings and policy debates, as well as sparking important policy conversations with the Governor and with constituents around the state. 

Siegel continued to say, “Grassroots candidates are winning office and bringing voice to important issues such as healing the overdose crisis, acting boldly to address climate change and creating a bottom up economy that allows people to thrive despite their socio-economic status or identity. We are going to do these things not in exchange for political favors or for big money, but because they are the right thing to do.”

"It is time to elect a strong woman to higher office. Brenda is the right woman for Lieutenant Governor. She is a steadfast, approachable and principled leader who will help all Vermonters prosper," said Christine Hallquist, 2018 Democratic Nominee for Governor.

After officially endorsing Siegel for Lieutenant Governor, Rep. Kevin “Coach” Christie said, "Brenda has a life long history of being a community leader. She has spent her career putting forward creative solutions to problems and has been successful sitting down at the table with many different players to implement a strong vision for the future and it is time to take her leadership to the next level. So, it is easy for me to offer my support for her to become Vermont’s next Lieutenant Governor."

Brandie Starr, Chair of the Brattleboro Selectboard offered an additional endorsement, noting “Brenda has never failed to pull up from the grassroots and step forward on issues that tend to paralyze many of our more traditional leaders. Brenda has my support, endorsement and vote.  I'll be watching closely through this election cycle to be sure that people are ready to line up behind real change and progressive issues within the Democratic Party."

Siegel is the Chair of the Newfane Democratic Committee and a Delegate to the Windham County Democratic Committee. Siegel began her political work as an intern in now U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ congressional office in 2001 in Washington D.C. More recently, Brenda has been an active advocate within the Raise the Wage coalition and a member leader at Rights and Democracy.  Brenda is a member of a national cohort focused on addressing the overdose crisis with People’s Action and RAD, a citizen member of the Vermont Legislative Equity Caucus, and a member of The Putney Huddle. Siegel serves on the board of Community of Vermont Elders and its policy committee. She also sits on the State of Vermont’s Public Transportation Advisory Commission.

A press conference outlining Siegel’s priorities will take place on Thursday January 23rd.  Details to follow.

Source: Brenda for Vermont