Davis: Jovita Carranza brings hope and opportunity

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Davis: Jovita Carranza brings hope and opportunity

Thu, 02/13/2020 - 3:49am -- tim

by Wendell G Davis, New England Regional Administrator, US Small Business Administration Transition and change are often accompanied with hope and opportunity.  Here at the US Small Business Administration we just had a big transition and change. 

Recently Jovita Carranza was named the 26th Administrator. This is Administrator Carranza’s second tenure at the SBA. She served as Deputy Administrator from 2006-2009.  Although she is new to the position, she already knows the ins and outs of how to help American entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of small business ownership.  She was nominated to lead the SBA while serving as the 44th Treasurer of the United States.

Administrator Carranza’s experience includes a remarkable 30-year career with United Parcel Service. She started as an hourly dock worker, rose to oversee operations in Latin American and the Caribbean and ultimately retired as the highest-ranking Latina in the company’s history.

Before the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship on Dec. 11, Administrator Carranza discussed her hands-on experience in the private sector, public service and the life-changing potential of entrepreneurship.  During her testimony she said, “Throughout my life – as a young girl in a working-class community, as an executive leader at a global company, and as a government official – I’ve seen the transformative power entrepreneurship can have on individuals, communities, and the global economy.”

Starting out at the ground level and working her way up in the private sector and continuing with her commitment to serve in government, Administrator Carranza is uniquely qualified to lead the SBA. 

Under Administrator Carranza’s leadership, we are excited about the future of the SBA. We are excited to execute on her vision of expanding hope and entrepreneurial opportunities to women and those in underserved communities who face unique obstacles in the business world.  It is a vision of hope and opportunity that will be warmly embraced in New England.