Trace and Bia Diagnostics announce partnership

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Trace and Bia Diagnostics announce partnership

Thu, 10/31/2019 - 12:00am -- katie

Hemp farmers can get free test at Bia by signing up for the exchange

Vermont Business Magazine The Vermont hemp industry has seen significant growth but with that growth has come uncertainty for farmers. The partnership between Trace and Bia Diagnostics is intended to help farmers test their product which will help ensure it meets legal requirements and can attract more buyers through Trace’s hemp exchange.

Trace helps connect farmers with potential buyers through its exchange. Over the past month members of the Trace outreach team have visited farms across the state to help growers get their crop onto the Trace platform. Today there are more than 145,000 plants on the Trace Hemp Exchange.

In June Trace launched its exchange, the nation’s first blockchain-based platform where hemp cultivators and buyers can connect and track their plants through the supply chain and integrate their inventory directly with the market. “It’s an exciting time for the hemp industry in Vermont,” said Josh Decatur, CEO of Trace. “We are thrilled with the level of interest in the Trace Exchange. This will be the first hemp harvest season since we launched the Exchange and that’s why we wanted to visit these farmers to get to know their operations and introduce them to our platform.”

Trace and Bia Diagnostics partnership comes with a benefit to hemp growers who utilize the Trace Exchange. The first 100 farmers signing up for the Trace exchange will get free tests for potency and safety of their products.  “We are thrilled that we are able to create this partnership between Bia and Trace,” said CFO, Robin Grace of Bia Diagnostics Laboratories. “The fact that we can work with a fellow Vermont company to deliver high quality service for hemp farmers nationally is a strong indication that Vermont will remain a leader in this industry. We believe this partnership will strengthen our business significantly. The combination of our testing services and Trace’s exchange will help ensure hemp farmers continue to maximize their profits in this rapidly growing sector of the agricultural economy.”

Recent measures enacted federally have legalized hemp in all 50 states, and the U.S. is seeing an unprecedented level of growth in the hemp industry.


Trace is a Vermont based company that provides a blockchain regulatory platform for the legal hemp and cannabis industries. Using cutting-edge blockchain technology, Trace provides a platform for businesses and consumers to verify basic information about the provenance and current state of cannabis products from soil to shelf. For decades aspiring cannabis professionals have worked in the dark. But now, Trace is illuminating the path.

Bia Diagnostics is a global leading ISO 17025 accredited food and nutraceutical testing laboratory located in Colchester, Vermont. With over 40 years of diagnostics’ experience, we specialize in Food Allergen, GMO, Food Authenticity, and Cannabis/Hemp testing. Focusing on these four critical sectors, our expert scientists are dedicated to ensuring the most accurate and timely results, providing same day analysis for most testing needs at no additional cost.