Round It Up For Change supports affordable housing in Lamoille County

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Round It Up For Change supports affordable housing in Lamoille County

Wed, 04/03/2019 - 10:45am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Lamoille Housing Partnership (LHP) has announced that the affordable housing nonprofit has been chosen as the first beneficiary of the “Round It Up For Change” program recently launched by Morrisville Co-Op (MoCo.) During the months of April and May, MoCo will donate funds collected from rounded up purchases to Lamoille Housing Partnership. The Round It Up For Change program offers MoCo shoppers the option to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar every time they check out – funds collected will be donated to the bi-monthly chosen nonprofit by MoCo.

MoCo General Manager Michael Hauser describes the program as “a simple platform for fundraising that makes it easy on the donor, ensuring a high likelihood of success for the non-profits.” Now in its second year, MoCo “felt that it was ready to take on projects that not only benefit members and shoppers, but also the community in which we live and operate,” explains Hauser. 

“We are thrilled and appreciative that MoCo chose Lamoille Housing Partnership as the beneficiary of this generous program to support our communities’ housing needs,” says Lamoille Housing Partnership Public Relations Manager, Kerrie Lohr. Lamoille Housing Partnership is an affordable housing development organization that creates and preserves affordable homes and apartments for low and moderate income residents of the Lamoille County and the Town of Hardwick.

“Our excellent non-profits already do such great work, and the Round It Up For Change program is a way to support them and help them further their missions,” says Hauser. MoCo invited Lamoille County nonprofits to apply for the program to receive funds collected through Round It Up For Change. To be considered, applicants must be a 501c3 Lamoille registered nonprofit, and illustrate how their organization’s mission and work aligns with MoCo’s respective mission. "MoCo welcomes everyone in our community and we want to be sure to respect and honor the diverse needs of the people we serve,” says Hauser. 

“Mission driven community organizations like LHP and community focused businesses like MoCo support the Lamoille region by contributing the pieces essential to building and sustaining the kind of communities we all want and need, through inclusivity and access to housing and food.” Lohr describes affordable housing as a “collective issue,” and adds, “the generosity from Round It Up For Change participants is critical to the success of Lamoille Housing Partnership, and directly enables our organization to continue working to help fix the Lamoille region’s housing affordability problem.”

During the months of April and May, all funds collected through Round It Up For Change will be donated to Lamoille Housing Partnership. MoCo, located on Pleasant Street in Morrisville, is open to the public and does not require a membership to shop at the locally owned market. For additional questions about Round It Up For Change, please contact MoCo Director of Communications Elizabeth M. Casparian,

Lamoille Housing Partnership develops, rehabilitates, and maintains safe, decent, energy efficient affordable housing through rental, home ownership, and other means to low and moderate income persons and families living within Lamoille County and the Town of Hardwick. Lamoille Housing Partnership provides such assistance without discrimination or prejudice, using a combination of private and public funding partnerships. Lamoille Housing Partnership is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. 

Source: Morrisville, VT | April 2, 2019. Lamoille Housing Partnership Learn more at