Vermont & NH farmers focus on water quality initiatives

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Vermont & NH farmers focus on water quality initiatives

Sun, 02/04/2018 - 4:43am -- tim

CRWFA Board January 2017

Vermont Business Magazine Farmers and agricultural leaders from New Hampshire and Vermont gathered on January 17th to review their goals and commitment to environmental sustainability as part of the annual meeting of the Connecticut River Watershed Farmers’ Alliance (CRWFA) “We reviewed our successes, discussed challenges and shared ideas to preserve the quality of our watershed,” Paul Doton, CRWFA board chair and dairy farmer of Doton Farms, said.

CRWFA was founded in 2015 and has grown to a 30-plus member organization. Over the past year the CRWFA has worked to share resources about environmentally-friendly practices, regulations and funding sources available to help farmers address water, soil and air quality challenges, Doton said. 

The past year was filled of highlights for CRWFA.  In early 2017 the organization was awarded an Organizational Development Grant from the Vermont Clean Water Fund.  This allows CRWFA to establish procedures and processes to insure they are fully transparent and in compliance with requirements for grant writing and budget building – important steps in the long-term development of any non-profit organization. 

Board member Beth Kennett was appointed to the Connecticut River Joint Commission, another accomplishment for CRWFA.  This appointment will generate a stronger voice, and bring more focus to the New Hampshire and Vermont watershed. 

The Connecticut River Watershed Farmer’s Alliance continues their support and partnership with the other three watershed groups in Vermont.  CRWFA is also involved in the relicensing process for the power generating dams on the Connecticut River.  “Agriculture needs to be included and we are part of that process,” said Doton. 

At their 2018 Annual Meeting CRWFA heard from members and partners about advances being made in environmental stewardship.  Members discussed practices including cover cropping and no-till land management which help to keep nutrients in the soil, and out of waterways. 

The watershed group looks forward to sharing resources and management techniques with farmers, partners and consumers as the new year unfolds. 

CRWFA is served by a 12-member Board of Directors: Linda Corse of the Corse Farm LLC, Guy Crosby of Clay Hill Farm, Mike Dolloff of Dolloff Acres, Bill Emmons of Cloudland Farm, Walt Gladstone of Newmont Farm LLC, Ed MacGlaflin of MacGlaflin Farm, Jeff McNamara of McNamara Dairy, Katherine Adams of Orchard Knoll Farm, Paul Doton of Doton Farms LLC, Beth Kennett of Liberty Hill Farm, Amy Richardson of Richardson Family Farm, and Steve Stocking of Birch Meadow Farm. 

About CRWFA:

The economic viability of agriculture in the Connecticut River Watershed is dependent upon environmental practices that improve soil, air and water quality.  We encourage all sectors of agriculture as well as municipalities and others to join in recognizing our shared responsibility to sustain the environmental health of the watershed area.  The Connecticut River Farmers’ Watershed Alliance is committed and dedicated to preserving the quality of our environment while maintaining a strong agricultural sector for the economic and social benefit of the region. 

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