Kerrick Johnson joins executive leadership team of Utopus Insights

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Kerrick Johnson joins executive leadership team of Utopus Insights

Tue, 10/17/2017 - 12:21pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Utopus Insights has announced that Vermont Electric Power Company executive Kerrick Johnson has joined the leadership team of Utopus as Chief Ecosystem Officer. Johnson has almost 20 years of experience in the electric utility industry. A well-known figure in the electric industry in Vermont and in Montpelier, he will be responsible for developing a network of industry connections, partnerships, and related communication and marketing activities. Based in Valhalla, NY, Utopus Insights is a new company started in February 2017 that was formed by IBM and VELCO to help plan for and develop the next generation of the electric grid.

Utopus "will strive to be a leading provider of the next generation of intelligent energy solutions." VELCO, the electric transmission company owned by Vermont utilities, is an investor and strategic partner of Utopus Insights.

Kerrick Johnson has joined the executive leadership team of Utopus Insights as Chief Ecosystem Officer. (Photo: Business Wire)

Johnson served as VP of Strategy and Communication at VELCO, having joined in 2006 after working for its largest distribution utility owner and serving a successful tenure as Vice President for energy and environmental advocacy of the state’s manufacturer trade association (AIV). He is also a board member of the GridWise Alliance, and is active in numerous other industry organizations.

Johnson has worked closely with the executive team at Utopus Insights for over four years, leading VELCO’s collaboration first with the Smarter Energy group at IBM Research, which spun out to form Utopus Insights on March 1 of this year, and continuing to oversee the relationship for VELCO until now.

Commenting on Johnson’s move to Utopus Insights, Tom Dunn, President and CEO of VELCO, and Chairman of the Board of Utopus Insights said, “Although we greatly miss his enormous contribution to VELCO’s strategic and communications success, and his day-to-day presence as a colleague and friend, we are happy to see him bring his tremendous energy and talent to the important work of advancing energy analytics in a time of unprecedented grid transformation. Given VELCO’s strategic relationship with Utopus Insights, we look forward to our continued working relationship with Kerrick and the ongoing value it promises to create for VELCO and Vermont.”

“I am delighted to have Kerrick Johnson join us at Utopus Insights,” said Chandu Visweswariah, President and CEO of Utopus Insights. “Kerrick’s deep knowledge of utilities, mastery of message, passion and sheer ebullience are just what we need to replicate our energy analytics success in Vermont all over the world.”

About Utopus Insights

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Utopus Insights is an innovation leader with a rich pedigree in energy analytics and software, and a world-class ecosystem of applications. The company’s mission is to accelerate an era of distributed, reliable, clean and cost-effective energy. Its solutions offer a system of insight to optimally plan and orchestrate the grid of today and tomorrow by combining industry expertise with deep analytics to convert data into actionable insights. For more information, please visit:

Source: VALHALLA, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Utopus Insights 10.16.2017