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SNSC receives $5,000 grant

Tue, 05/22/2018 - 2:10am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine The Special Needs Support Center (SNSC) in Lebanon, NH, has received a $5,000 grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. The grant will help SNSC further their mission of helping children and adults with special needs, and their families, meet their unique challenges through advocacy and program support. 

McClure Foundation grant supports education access for Franklin County students

Mon, 05/21/2018 - 4:26pm -- katie

Vermont Student Assistance Corp. will receive a $20,000 grant from the J. Warren and Lois McClure Foundation to continue its successful initiative in Franklin County to increase student participation in dual enrollment, early college and adult technical education programs.

“We thank the McClure Foundation for its continued generous support and commitment to this community and helping local students be successful and establish a bright future,” said Patrick Leduc, vice president of career and education outreach for VSAC. 

$1.5 million awarded to Vermont and New England states for Regional Defense Industry Collaboration

Mon, 05/21/2018 - 4:20pm -- katie

The states of Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island have received a joint grant of $1.5 million from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) to create an organization called the New England Regional Defense Industry Collaboration. 

Over the next eighteen months, these funds will be used by the organization to coordinate the growth of defense-related businesses across the six-state New England region. The primary goals of the organization will be to aid small and medium-sized businesses in meeting new cybersecurity requirements for businesses participating in the defense industry supply chain, as well as to create a trusted supplier network that will make it easier for large defense contractors to locate smaller suppliers that are able to meet their production, certification and process requirements.

Governor Scott signs bill to grow Vermont's financial services industry

Mon, 05/21/2018 - 4:12pm -- katie

Vermont furthered itself as the gold standard for financial services and insurance industries with the signing of H.719 into law on Thursday, May 17. This legislation allows for the creation of an “affiliate reinsurance company” and allows for a more favorable reinsurance alternative for U.S. companies who conduct business offshore.

This legislation capitalizes on an opportunity created by the recent changes to the Federal Tax Code, which created the Base Erosion Anti-Abuse Tax (BEAT) on reinsurance ceded to offshore affiliates. As a result, more than $35 billion previously in offshore jurisdictions will now be looking for a home in the U.S. to avoid this tax. Vermont acted quickly to ensure the state was able to support these businesses with the passing H.719, which creates the financial structures and regulatory environment to accommodate them in Vermont.

Mobis seeking applicants for the 2018-2019 Vermont Mentoring Grants

Mon, 05/21/2018 - 11:46am -- katie

Vermont Business Magazine Mobius is excited to announce the start of the 2018-2019 Vermont Mentoring Grants application process. These annual grants are designed to support new and existing mentoring programs in Vermont that match adult volunteers as mentors for youth mentees (ages 5-22) in long-term, one-to-one, quality-based mentoring relationships.

The Vermont Mentoring Grants have traditionally been made possible through support from the A.D. Henderson Foundation, the Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children, and the Vermont Department for Children and Families. During the 2017-2018 grant year, Mobius and its three funding partners awarded 31 grants, totaling more than $333,000, to support more than 100 new and existing mentoring program sites, and more than 1,800 adult-to-youth mentor pairs in communities across Vermont.

ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain to participate in Blue Star Museums

Mon, 05/21/2018 - 10:40am -- Denise Sortor

Vermont Business Magazine Recently, ECHO announced its participation in the 9th annual Blue Star Museums, a collaboration among the National Endowment for the Arts, Blue Star Families, the Department of Defense, and more than 2,000 museums across America to offer free admission to the nation’s active duty military personnel and their families from Memorial Day through Labor Day. A list of participating museums nationwide is available at

Vermont FPR distributes portable skidder bridges to logging contractors

Mon, 05/21/2018 - 8:30am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine The Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation (FPR) assisted recently with the distribution of portable skidder bridges that were constructed at Fontaine Lumber in East Montpelier. Skidder bridges are portable structures logging operators use to minimize disturbance when transporting equipment and logs over streams. These bridges are being made available to logging contractors as part of the Department’s continued effort to protect water quality on timber harvest sites and to make it easier for logging contractors to do their work responsibly.

Hartland Elementary School celebrates winning solar tracker

Mon, 05/21/2018 - 2:24am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Hartland Elementary School will be celebrating their big Way to Go! School Challenge win from last fall, an AllEarth Renewables Solar Tracker, with a ribbon cutting on May 22 at 1:45. About 9,000 students, faculty and staff participated in last fall's Way to Go! School Challenge from 48 schools across the state. There was a 23% increase in school participation from 2016. Hartland Elementary was one of the schools that met the 50 percent participation criteria to be eligible to win the Solar Tracker.

What is hazardous waste and what can you do about it?

Sun, 05/20/2018 - 3:05am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine When people hear the words 'hazardous waste,' they may think of high-profile large industrial disasters, but in reality, most hazardous wastes are materials we are all familiar with, such as unused paint and solvents, oily wastes like shop rags, and strong acids and bases used in cleaning. This Spring, the Department of Environmental Conservation is hosting a series of micro-trainings to help towns and businesses learn how to identify, manage, and minimize generation of common hazardous wastes.

Logic Supply hardware demonstrates Amazon's Greengrass with ML inference at IoT World 2018.

Sat, 05/19/2018 - 4:04pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Global Industrial PC company Logic Supply, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), will begin offering their customers the option to pre-install AWS Greengrass with machine learning (ML) Inference on its ‘AWS Greengrass Compatible’ hardware platforms with an eye toward making Internet of Things (IoT) development easier, faster, and more efficient.

Burlington Greenway re-opens, ready for Marathon

Sat, 05/19/2018 - 7:12am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Burlington Parks, Recreation and Waterfront has reopened the Phase 2b portion of the Burlington Greenway, from North Beach to Shore Road, ahead of schedule. That means the entire Burlington section of the Island Line Trail is fully open to all users (please be advised to check the Town of Colchester and/or Local Motion for the most recent conditions on the Causeway, which sustained significant damage in a wind storm in early May).

Study: Vermonters talk fast, a lot and politely

Sat, 05/19/2018 - 3:59am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Vermonters talk a lot on the phone, and fast, but they're also pretty polite about it, except maybe for a bit of potty language, a new study reveals. Marchex (NASDAQ: MCHX), a leading provider of call analytics that drive, measure, and convert callers into customers, has released findings from a new speech pattern study based on more than 6.8 million calls placed by consumers to businesses across the United States. Marchex Institute insights reveal how conversation patterns vary and empower businesses to optimize valuable phone interactions with customers.