RAVNAH Hospice seeking veterans to share their stories

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RAVNAH Hospice seeking veterans to share their stories

Tue, 06/02/2015 - 3:48am -- tim

RAVNAH Hospice has recently launched “Veterans’ Voices”,  a program that honors current active duty and former military members   – and the families who support their service.  It gives veterans, service members, and military families a chance to share their stories about their lives and their experiences, and leave an enduring legacy behind.

We record participants as they are telling of the accounts of their lives, pivotal moments and everyday memories.  Once recorded on DVD, we preserve these recordings, give each participant a DVD and archive a copy at the Folk Life Center in Middlebury, VT if desired by the family. Their stories, told in their own voice, can be shared with current and future generations.

Recording the stories, experiences and sacrifices of veterans is important for the historical record. In doing so, we honor their voices, strengthen their experience and let veterans and service members know that we are listening and can better understand their veteran experience.

Source: RAVNAH. To learn how to participate or to get more information contact Ann LaRocque at 770-1516 or email larocque@ravnah.org or John Campbell at 770-1683 or email jcampbell@ravnah.org