Governor's Award

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The winners of this year's awards deserve great credit for their innovative approaches to conservation and the protection of our natural resources, the prevention of pollution, and for promoting environmental sustainability.

We can learn from their experiences and congratulate them on their great achievements. 


Project Location

Application Type

Project Description

AllEarth Renewables



Employee cash incentive program to reduce personal carbon emissions, focused on vehicle miles traveled, electricity use, and home heating. Employees receive an annual stipend, are “charged” a “carbon tax” and keep what is not used at year’s end after filing a “carbon tax return.”

Cx Associates



Green incentive employee commuting program to encourage alternate forms of transportation, including bus riding, bicycling, and walking, plus proper car maintenance.


Essex Junction


Photochemical waste reduction in the semiconductor manufacturing process, resulting in reduced solvent use by thousands of gallons and cost savings of over half a million dollars per year.

Lamoille Valley/Twin State Ford

Hardwick & St. Johnsbury


Campaign to promote the sale of plug-in electric hybrid vehicles. The company was the second Ford dealership in the country in sales of hybrid electric vehicles in 2013.




NAMCO Block, a large, energy inefficient, run-down apartment building in Windsor was renovated to reinvent its role in the community as a mixed income, community-oriented facility that retains its historical character while serving as a model of social responsibility and environmental sustainability.


Essex Junction

Large Business

Residential solar installation business with an innovative financing model that has made solar renewable energy affordable and has substantially increased solar residential installations in the state.

Brandon Fire District No. 1



Comprehensive Ground Water Source Protection Plan. The town is the first municipality to receive Class II designation for protection of its drinking water sources.

Chittenden Solid Waste District



Comprehensive and multi-faceted waste reduction education programs serving a quarter of the state’s population, and achieving solid waste diversion and reduction numbers that lead state efforts.

Marshfield Energy & Climate Change Committee



Energy conservation through a comprehensive energy retrofit to the town’s community center, assistance to the school, and a home weatherization campaign, including door-to-door visits, workshops, and energy fairs.

Weybridge Energy Committee



Comprehensive home weatherization program in 2013 that was part of a statewide Vermont Home Energy Challenge to weatherize 3% of homes. Weybridge exceeded the goal and led the state in this effort.

Highfields Center for Composting



Led statewide efforts in providing composting technical assistance to farmers, businesses and municipal entities, and developed acceptable management practices and training/certification programs for composters.

Northwoods Stewardship Center

East Charleston


For the past 20 years, the NorthWoods Conservation Corps program has provided hands-on, conservation-based education, employment, and job skills to Northeast Kingdom youth, ages 14-21.

Sustainable Energy Resource Group



Pioneered the concept of town energy committees, networking with over 180 town energy committees in Vermont and New Hampshire and leading innovative pilot projects such as Thetford HEAT (Home Energy Action Team) to promote home weatherization.

Waterbury LEAP



Since 2007 Waterbury LEAP has been a leader in energy conservation and renewable energy projects and educational efforts at the local level. In a recent project, Waterbury/Duxbury Solar Years, has quadrupled solar renewable energy installations in a two-year period.

Burr and Burton Academy Manchester Education

Created an innovative place-based environmental education model with integrated curriculum at its Mountain Campus. The facility received LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum Certification.

The following schools are among some of the first in Vermont to achieve EPA EnergyStar Building Certification for Schools. They are in the top 25% of schools nationwide in energy efficiency, while also meeting standards for health, ventilation, comfort and lighting quality and are part of Project Green School, a collaboration led by Efficiency Vermont and the Vermont Superintendents Association’s School Energy Management Program.

Brattleboro Union High School (Brattleboro)

Camels Hump Middle School (Richmond)

Clarendon Elementary School (North Clarendon)

Harwood Union High School (Duxbury)

Mount Mansfield Union High School (Jericho)

Shelburne Community School (Shelburne)

Waits River Valley School (East Corinth)