STEM Academy Open Houses, December 7 and 8

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Technology for Tomorrow is launching a STEM Academy in close collaboration with several businesses and industry experts. We are hosting two STEM Academy Open Houses, December 7 and 8. 
Since this is directly connected with collaboration between the business and non-profit community focusing on education in Vermont and new and innovative educational opportunities for Vermont students, perhaps the Vermont Business Magazine wants to cover this story and development in an article? Or at least attend one of the Open Houses?

Please also visit our STEM Academy website, link below for more information about the STEM Academy and schedule of classes.

Some of our partners that will provide instruction and expertise in curriculum development and content include organizations such as NRG, VEIC, EIV Technical Services, BioTek, Desai Management, and more. Courses will focus on topics such as Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Engineering Process, Bio Engineering, Civil and Structural Engineering, Energy Systems, and more.

Saturday, December 8, 2018 - 11:30am