Building a World Beyond War: What Will It Take? April 22

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Building a World Beyond War: What Will It Take?

This Earth Day, join the Vermont Stands for a World Beyond War Coalition on Saturday, April 22nd from 9 AM to 4:30 PM at Winooski School District, 60 Normand Street in Winooski, for a daylong conference, entitled Building a World Beyond War:  What Will It Take?  The conference will feature keynote presentations by David Swanson, 2017 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and Pat Hynes, Director of the Traprock Center for Peace and Justice. Twelve Vermont-focused workshops will cover topics from nuclear weapons, activism 101, financing a peace economy, militarism in our lives, Israel and Palestine, the F35s, and the internal and external effects of war on our lives. Every workshop will seek to answer the question:  What will it take to build a world beyond war?

The April 22nd conference will focus on resisting militarization and looking for ways to protect ourselves more effectively by directing tax dollars to serve people, peace, and planet instead of profits and war.  Workshops will include both educational and action components. By the conference’s conclusion, coalition members and attendees will have developed statewide actions or events that can be worked on together in the coming year.

Pledging to oversee “one of the greatest military buildups in American history,” President Trump is proposing a 10% or 54 billion dollar increase in military spending and a concurrent slash in non-military spending. Many Vermonters are questioning what will happen to education, the environment, science, health care, foreign diplomacy, and entitlement programs, as this new administration’s focus is shifted to what is perceived as heightened national security and to a “nobody’s going to mess with us, folks” mentality. All this while the U.S. already has a military bigger than the next 15 countries combined.

The Vermont Stands for a World Beyond War Coalition includes the Burlington, Vermont, Branch: Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF); Peace & Justice Center; Save Our Skies VT/Stop the F35s Coalition; Will Miller Green Mountain Veterans For Peace; Vermont Action for Peace; Great Burlington Multicultural Resource Center; Kunsi Keja Tamakoce; Friends Committee on National Legislation; and Justice for All.

Conference funding has been provided by a Mercy Peace Initiative Grant, a U.S. Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) mini-grant, and other underwriters.  A registration fee of $25 covers food, but no one will be turned away due to inability to pay. To register, go the Peace & Justice Center website at www.pjcvt.organd look under the “Upcoming PJC Events” tab for conference information  and the registration form.  The registration deadline is April 18th.  For more information, contact the Peace & Justice Center at or call (802) 863-2345 x6.

David Swanson, a 2017 Noble Prize Nominee, is Director of World Beyond War ( and author of War Is Never Just, War Is A LieWar No More: The Case for Abolition, and When the World Outlawed War.  He is the host of Talk Nation Radio. He has been a journalist, activist, organizer, educator, and agitator. 

Pat Hynes is the Director of the Traprock Center for Peace and Justice ( and a retired Professor of Urban Environmental Health, having worked for decades as an educator, researcher, writer and activist on issues of environmental justice, feminism, and the health effects of war.         

Vermont Stands for a World Beyond War Coalition spokespersons include: 

  • Beverly Little Thunder, Kunsi Keya Tamkoce (, is a Lakota womyn from Stand Rock Nation in North Dakota.  Viewed as an elder, she has been an activist for Indigenous and Womyn’s Rights since her teen years.  Currently a resident of Vermont, she continues to guide Lakota ceremonies for Womyn on land in Huntington, Vermont. She can be reached at: or Home Phone: (802) 434-5359 or Cell: (802) 922-6988

  • Eileen Andreoli, Save Our Skies VT/Stop the F35s Coalition, is a Winooski resident and UVM Extension Master Gardener who promotes best practices for Vermont's urban forests. She can be reached at: or (802) 655-1741.

  • Patrick Brown, Director of the Greater Burlington Multicultural Center for over 22 years, is a Burlington resident who is active in many peace and social justice organizations and causes. He is dedicated to advancing the visibility of minorities in the community in a positive and welcoming manner.  He can be reached at: or (802) 657-4219.   

Saturday, April 22, 2017 - 9:00am