NEW! VMEC Noontime Knowledge Series July 13-27

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Consider adding a snippet of value-adding learning to your lunch time for FREE!

Join us for topics that are near and dear to VMEC Advisors' hearts and likely yours, too. This summer, we will bring you a wide range of subjects - for FREE! - that cover many areas of VMEC expertise, such as Innovation Engineering, Lean Management Systems, Quality, Cybersecurity, Continuous Improvement, Training Within Industry (TWI) and Export Sales.

Check our Training page for topic names that begin with "Noontime Knowledge" and sign up for one or more in this new series, each session only 45 minutes! We will add more as they're confirmed.


Accelerating Effective Employee Training with TWI Job (JI) Instruction

Tuesdays and Thursdays, July 13 - 27, 2021

9:00 - 11:30 am

$595 pp

Knowing how to do something does not mean that we know how to teach someone else how to do it, or how to track their progress.  

We have the solution!

Training Within Industry Job Instruction (TWI JI) was developed to provide companies with a training system to quickly and effectively train employees and track employee training.  

It has 3 components: 

  • Planning and tracking employee training and proficiency using a Training Matrix;

  • Defining the tasks to be trained using the Job Breakdown Sheet (JBS); and 

  • Providing training to individuals using the TWI JI 4-step training method

We cannot have standard work without standard training. TWI JI teaches how to document standard work with a JBS and how to instruct others using the JBS.

If you are interested in attending this course or sending members of your team, please register on or before July 6.


TWI Explained

Considered by some to be the roots of Lean Manufacturing, TWI emerged in the run up to World War II as American manufacturers struggled to meet the crushing demand for all manner of military-related products. VMEC’s Training Within Industry (TWI) programs offer opportunities to expand supervisor knowledge in the areas of Job Instruction (JI) and Job Relations (JR). Check out our latest blog post on how the TWI methodology might help your business achieve a higher level of collaboration and production.


Maximizing Profitability With An MES

You may have met your output goal for the month and delivered products as promised, but did you incur unexpected downtime or extra costs associated with repairs or overtime? A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides answers by utilizing real-time data to link your production processes with financial performance and is a fast track for moving past problem finding to actually solving problems. Read the complete Industry Week article here.

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