BarnPitch2018 Is JULY 31st DON’T DELAY. APPLY NOW.

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The fifth annual FreshTracks Road Pitch, a four-day motorcycle tour of Vermont in which a gang of “business bikers” (comprised of investors, entrepreneurs, and business advisors) ride around the state and stop in eight Vermont towns to listen to entrepreneurs pitch their business, will be held July 30st through August 2th 2018.  At each of the 8 stops the riders will award a “Riders Choice Prize” of $500 and a special edition “Vermont Biker Bear” contributed by Vermont Teddy Bear. Each stop is open to public viewing.  For information about Road Pitch, this year’s event, the riders, as well as valuable pitching tips, visit

On Tuesday, July 31st, the ‘business bikers’ will be at #BarnPitch2018, in Lowell VT, to hear from 5 select entrepreneurs pitching for investment to strengthen and grow their business. Vermont’s entrepreneurs can now experience powerful connections to expert business advice and substantial investment. 

Entrepreneurs interested in pitching their concept or existing business to the riders can contact Steve Mason or Trish Sears at to apply for a pitch slot at #BarnPitch2018.

It used to be so hard to get in front of renowned business leaders, such as Alan Newman founder of Magic Hat and co-founder of Seventh Generation, who share their expertise and choose to invest advice, connections, and funding. Now, selected entrepreneurs can receive hours of personal coaching for how to design a ‘perfect pitch’ to business experts, win prize money and advance to a statewide ‘pitch-off’ with even more exposure to experts and bigger prize package.

#BarnPitch at Kingdom Commons, in Lowell, is a catalyst for the solution your business didn’t see coming.

“There was a pre-BarnPitch Vermont Chalky Paint. Making the right connections was really painful before this opportunity came along.” - Sarah Spencer, CEO

“BarnPitch is great at problem-solving and pulled us in a new direction, which is something that is always difficult, as we all know as entrepreneurs.” - Linda Fox, CEO/Sumptuous Syrups

Watch this 7-minute video to learn more about #RoadPitch and see #BarnPitch in action:

Don’t Delay. Apply now. There are only 5 openings for businesses to pitch at #BarnPitch2018. Coaching starts in June.

If you’d like the opportunity to experience the transformative power of creative collaboration that will enhance and expand your business, contact NEKTI Consulting's Trish Sears or Steve Mason at | 802 744 6800

Tuesday, July 31, 2018 - 5:00pm