Public Meetings on Logger Safety and Workers' Compensation Insurance Program, Jan 28,29,30

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Public Meetings on Logger Safety and Workers' Compensation Insurance Program in Bethel, Barton and Chester

There will be three public meetings with new information about the Vermont Logger Safety and Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program on January 28th in Bethel, 29th in Barton and 30th in ChesterPlease see this flyer for information on the agenda, time and locations. In addition to general information about how the program works, and resources that have been developed, the presentation will also include the opportunity to –

  • Review, ask questions and provide feedback on the jobsite safety standards checklist before on-the-job safety consultations start this winter
  • Meet representatives from W.J. Cox, a company with decades of experience with jobsite safety for loggers, that will be completing the jobsite consultations and checklist
  • Learn about the start date, and expiration, of safety certification and how that will work with insurance policy renewals
  • Learn about the program’s Oversight Committee that will have representatives from the logging and insurance sectors, working with state regulators, to steer the program in the coming years
  • Meet with representatives from insurance carriers serving Vermont’s forest economy and the Vermont Departments of Financial Regulation, Labor and Forests, Parks and Recreation  

Dates and Locations:
January 28th 4-6pm Bethel Town Hall, 318 Main Street, Bethel
January 29th 4-6pm Barton Memorial Building, Memorial Hall, 17 Village Square, Barton
January 30th 4-6pm Newsbank, 352 Main Street, Chester

The Vermont Logger Safety and Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program has been designed to address the root causes of high workers’ compensation insurance rates in the state of Vermont and create safer logging operations with reduced costs. Participation is voluntary. There are 20 Vermont logging contractors, with 70 employees between them, that stepped forward together in 2019 to invest in this program - please join them in 2020. When you attend this meeting, please bring a logger, insurance agent, or others you work with, to learn more.


The Logger Education to Advance Professionalism (LEAP) Program is a not-for-profit educational organization that strives to remain non-political. LEAP recognizes that the logging profession is an essential link between Vermont woodlands and forest industry. Along with landowners and foresters, loggers are partners in managing our forests for wood, water, wildlife and recreation. Vermont's forests have a legacy of providing these resources and are capable of sustaining these public benefits if properly managed. We see education as offering a positive approach, bringing everyone together to reach this common goal. The LEAP program is an instrument to encourage life-long learning among loggers. We will strive to promote professionalism through education and instill a stewardship ethic among loggers. The outcome of this endeavor, we envision, will be a well managed and productive forest landscape, and a positive public perception of the logging profession.

Thursday, January 30, 2020 - 4:00pm