Jack’s Lemonade Stand, WRJ, Aug 17

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Jack Isenberg was 12 years old when he lost his life to suicide on May 26, 2018. For Jack, a child with autism, life was very black and white. With no gray areas, he found it difficult to interact with others, which made him a target for bullies.  Studies show that people with autism, like Jack, are at greater risk for suicide.

"He just had the most beautiful freckles ever," said his mother, Danielle Bencze. "He was funny. He was kind. He was empathetic. I'll look out the window, and I'll see him riding his bike," Danielle said. "I'll think he's going to come in the front door. I'll go in his room, and I can still smell him in it. I miss him on sunny days.  I miss him on rainy days.  I miss him every day."

During the summers Jack would have a lemonade stand on his farm. He loved having them and did really well!! This year for his birthday his mom and his sister Sophia will be having one in his honor in Fairlee VT on August 17th.

They will have baked goods and beverages as well as information about Autism supports and services for families in the community.  All donations will be forwarded to Special Needs Support Center of the Upper Valley. If you’d like to support this celebration but are unable to attend, please make a donation in Jack’s honor on Venmo @Danielle-Bencze-1.

What: Jack’s Lemonade Stand

Where: The Fairlee Railroad Depot, the historic railroad station at 320 US Route 5 in the village center

When: August 17th from 8am to 5pm

Why: To honor and celebrate Jack for all of the love, joy, and happiness he brought into this world and to be a beacon of hope and light for other families. 

Please check out our new website at www.snsc-uv.org!
Saturday, August 17, 2019 - 8:00am