Advanced Biofuel and Fertilizer Project Update, Sept 3

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Advanced Biofuel and Fertilizer Project Update

An innovative new process pioneered by Burlington-based GSR Solutions has the potential to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus runoff into our lakes and streams while creating a liquid biofuel that can be used to heat our homes, power our vehicles, and fly our planes.

This method of growing oleaginous algae from the nutrient rich, organic carbon waste streams found on Vermont dairy farms produces a distillate biofuel that can be blended into the existing oilheat supply. In this closed loop system, dairy farmers can create a granular organic fertilizer that will reduce the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus flowing into Vermont’s lakes and streams. Farmers can sell the algae derived biofuel to their local fuel dealer or use it on the farm. The process also shows promise of boosting output of methane digesters to create renewable electricity.

The progress of this effort is the focus of a meeting next week among a growing and diverse coalition of stakeholders. The media is invited to join us on the farm to learn how it all works— and find out what steps need to be taken for this technological achievement to reach commercial scale.

Press Advisory

What: Advanced Biofuel and Fertilizer Project Update 

When: 10 am, Thursday, September 3

Where: Nordic Dairy Farm, 1211 Ethan Allen Hwy, Charlotte, Vermont

Remarks in support of the project will be offered to public gathering by:

Clark Hinsdale – President,  Vermont Farm Bureau

Todd Campbell – Senior Technical Advisor to USDA Secretary Vilsack

Mary Powell – CEO Green Mountain Power

Barbara Bramble — Senior International Director, National Wildlife Federation, 

Chair Roundtable on Sustainable Solutions

Anju Dahiya — President, GSR Solutions

Matt Cota — Executive Director, Vermont Fuel Dealers Association

Background: The Vermont Fuel Dealers Association received a USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant to assess the feasibility of a sustainable distillate fuel production facility that utilizes farm waste materials. GSR Solutions conducted the research at the Nordic Dairy Farm in Charlotte. For more information contact:  Matt Cota with VFDA— 802-318-2190

Thursday, September 3, 2015 - 10:00am