Woods, Wildlife & Warblers; Women Owning Woodlands; and Land Ethic Vermont, April 29

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Join us for the first-ever VWA Program Forum on Thursday, April 29th. At this virtual event members will be able to hear about three of VWA’s priority partner programs: Woods, Wildlife & Warblers; Women Owning Woodlands; and Land Ethic Vermont.

Woods, Wildlife & Warblers (WWW) focuses on providing landowners with knowledge, tools, and resources to care for their woods and the wildlife within them. Steve Hagenbuch will be presenting on the program. Steve is the Forest Conservation Program Director for Audubon Vermont. He spends most of his days connecting with and providing information to landowners and natural resource professionals on managing forests with birds in mind. He and his family also own a 76-acre forest in Moretown where they make maple syrup among other things.
Women Owning Woodlands (WOW) seeks to engage and empower women landowners to implement forest stewardship practices in their own forests. Marli Rabinowitz will present for WOW. Marli is on the board of VWA, is a member of the Guilford Conservation Commission, and past president of Windham Regional Woodlands Association. She came to forest management as a landowner, living on a small forest that had been in her family. This led to learning about UVA, then invasives, then WHIP, and habitat improvement. There is so much to learn, and programs from VWA, Coverts, and others, are great resources. Recently, she joined the steering committee of WOW which is developing a new place for learning, with women landowners and forest professionals.
Land Ethic Vermont is a collaborative movement to develop, maintain, and promote a land ethic among the people of VT. The goal is to maintain the health of the Vermont landscape for people and wildlife. Dan Kilborn will present for the group. Dan is a forester for the Vermont Land Trust. His work is focused in northeastern Vermont where he enjoys learning how people connect to their woods. He serves on the VWA board, is a Land Ethic Leader, and an active Tree Farmer where he feels fortunate to help manage his family’s woodland in Derby.
The virtual forum will run from 7:00-8:15 p.m. To register for this Zoom event, visit
Vermont Woodlands Association | (802) 747-7900 |info@vermontwoodlands.org | www.vermontwoodlands.org
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 Our mission: to educate and advocate for the practices of productive stewardship, use, and enjoyment of Vermont's woodlands. 
Thursday, April 29, 2021 - 7:00pm