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Real estate platform 'Livian' launches in partnership with Keller Williams

Sat, 11/20/2021 - 9:56am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Livian, the real estate platform based in South Burlington and formerly known as Hergenrother Realty Group (HRG), has recently launched. HRG and Keller Williams (KW), the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count, have come together to form a new partnership: Livian. Livian currently has 33 real estate teams in 21 states, powered by 270 real estate agents and 40 employees nationwide. Through partnering with KW, Livian now has the full support it needs to truly scale its platform and help its partners grow their businesses to their highest potential. 

Vermont Smoke & Cure launches new bacon product

Sat, 11/20/2021 - 4:47am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Vermont Smoke & Cure, founded in 1962, is stepping out of a crowded meat sticks landscape post-pandemic with renewed strategy and robust product innovation. The Vermont Smoke & Cure team makes delicious meat sticks at their smokehouse in Hinesburg, Vermont. Launched in eCommerce on August 24, 2021, the new Hickory Smoked Uncured Bacon Pork Mini Sticks taste like the protein you love, bacon, with a smoky flavor and a hint of maple syrup. 

Troove uses predictive power of alumni insights to improve the college search process

Sat, 11/20/2021 - 4:21am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine A new Burlington-based company called Troove has entered the higher education arena with the goal of making college search and admissions more efficient and accessible. Troove helps applicants find their ideal fit, in and out of the classroom, by engaging alumni and current college students in the search process for the first time.

Whole Fruiting Body Cordyceps Militaris joins the Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms product lineup

Sat, 11/20/2021 - 4:02am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Years in the making, Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms is excited to announce the launch of their latest product, Cordyceps Militaris, Dried, Whole, Fruiting Bodies. They’re one of only a handful of certified organic cultivators of the whole fruiting body, the mushroom itself, in the United States. Most US cultivators only grow the mycelium which is much faster and easier. The coveted fruiting body is more potent, providing all the potential benefits known, and yet to be discovered.

VDH: COVID cases still high as Legislative session looms

Fri, 11/19/2021 - 5:39pm -- tim

by Timothy McQuiston, Vermont Business Magazine The Vermont Department of Health is reporting 461 COVID-19 cases, which is among the highest on record, though down from Thursday's 517. The 17 worst days have all come since mid-September, following from the Delta variant surge that began in July. The Legislature will hold a special session this Monday to consider allowing local towns and cities to enact their own local mask mandates. Governor Scott called the session to address that issue. Legislative leaders have been clamoring instead for a statewide mask mandate in response to the recent surge in COVID cases.

COVID’s toll on business was less disastrous than feared

Fri, 11/19/2021 - 4:58pm -- tim

Public Assets Institute Vermont netted a loss of just 75 businesses between March 2020 and March 2021, according to new data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. That followed a net loss of 258 businesses during the previous 12 months, most of which occurred around the onset of the pandemic. Between March 2020 and March 2021, nearly 2,500 businesses shut their doors, but more than 2,400 opened or reopened, most likely thanks to massive federal spending to mitigate the economic effects of the pandemic.

iSun announces 2022 revenue guidance of $165 million

Fri, 11/19/2021 - 4:42pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine iSun, Inc, a Williston-based leading solar energy and clean mobility infrastructure company with 50 years of construction experience in solar, electrical and data services, has announced its earnings outlook for FY2022. 
iSun forecasts 2022 revenues of $165 million across its Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Utility segments, with an aggregate gross margin between 18% and 21%. iSun anticipates achieving these targets through a combination of organic growth, geographic expansion, continued execution of its project backlog and consumer demand.

Vermont and NH get more than $3 million to help rural communities rebuild & build out

Fri, 11/19/2021 - 4:22pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Under Secretary for Rural Development Xochitl Torres Small today announced that USDA is investing $222 million to build and improve critical community facilities in 44 states, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico. This community infrastructure funding will benefit nearly 2.5 million people in rural communities. This includes the Sharon Academy’s new STEM & arts wing—courtesy of a $1.91 million USDA RD loan. It also includes $132 million to support health care, food security, and emergency response services for more than 850,000 rural residents in 37 states. 

$9.7 million from DOT will fund footbridge over I-89 from South Burlington to Burlington

Fri, 11/19/2021 - 4:04pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Senator Patrick Leahy (D), Senator Bernie Sanders (I), Representative Peter Welch (D) and South Burlington City officials announced Friday that the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) has awarded the City a Rebuilding American Infrastructure With Sustainability And Equity (RAISE) grant totaling $9,768,834, to build a bicycle and pedestrian bridge over Interstate 89.  The project will provide a safe and protected way for bicyclists and pedestrians to travel between South Burlington and Burlington.

PSD releases draft of Comprehensive Energy Plan

Fri, 11/19/2021 - 3:38pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine The Department of Public Service today released its draft Comprehensive Energy Plan, which lays the ground work for the state's energy future. The greenhouse gas requirements include 26 percent reduction from 2005 levels by 2025, 40 percent reduction from 1990 levels by 2030, and 80 percent reduction from 1990 levels by 2050. For instance, for transportation, meet 10% of energy needs from renewable energy by 2025, and 45% by 2040. And for heating, meet 30% of energy needs from renewable energy by 2025, and 70% by 2042.

Scott supports loosening of testing requirements for Canadians crossing the border

Fri, 11/19/2021 - 3:08pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Governor Phil Scott today issued the following statement regarding negative PCR test results no longer being needed for Canadians traveling to the United States for less than 72 hours: “Our Canadian friends who live in border towns are integral to the fabric of Vermont, and they create economic opportunity for both sides of the border. It is welcomed news that Canada will soon be dropping testing requirements for Canadians reentering their country after visiting the United States for short periods."

Unemployment rate holds at 2.8 percent in October

Fri, 11/19/2021 - 10:40am -- tim

by Timothy McQuiston, Vermont Business Magazine Today, the Vermont Department of Labor reported that the seasonally-adjusted October unemployment rate was 2.8 percent. Based on household data, this reflects no change from the prior month. The September unemployment rate was revised down one-tenth of one percentage point during the revision process. The comparable United States rate in October was 4.6 percent, which was a decrease of two-tenths of one percentage point from the revised September estimate.