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Generate Leads Using  Digital Advertising


The Prelude 

In the past, our client relied on traditional advertising and word of mouth referrals to bring in new business. However, in 2016, their growth requirements forced them to become more aggressive with their advertising and promotional efforts.

In a saturated market, they were faced with competition from companies with higher advertising budgets. It was clear that our client needed a cost-effective solution that would provide both an accurate analysis of performance and tangible, in-market leads.

The Orchestration

We developed a harmony of Digital Advertising tactics using Paid Search Advertising, Display Advertising, and Facebook Advertising. All three channels used targeting methods to serve ads to online audiences that matched our client’s target demographic and geographic radius. 

These ads, featuring compelling creative composed around the goals of the campaign, brought prospective customers to specialized landing pages built to capture contact information for direct follow-ups and future marketing opportunities.

The Finale

1072% Increase in User Traffic

Accounting for all pages related to the product, including our campaign landing pages, we saw a 1072% increase in user traffic.

Hundreds of Conversions

Within the first quarter of the campaign, we generated hundreds of conversions, with over a third of them being from form submissions through our landing pages.

High Conversion Rate 5.6%

Our conversion rate, based on the number of users delivered through our campaigns, was an impressive 5.6%.

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