When you bank with a credit union, your money does good things

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A member-owned credit union for everybody who lives and works in Vermont, VSECU offers more than traditional financial products and services Our vision, as a not for profit financial cooperative, is 

to inspire a movement that brings people together to empower the possibilities for greater financial, environmental, and social prosperity. 

With our organization empowered to drive for impact over activity, we strive to maximize the positive effect we have on our members’ lives and Vermont communities. 

We are the first credit union in the U.S. to be accepted as a member in the prestigious Global Alliance of Banking on Values (GABV), an organization whose members must meet stringent people-first, community-first, triple-bottom-line criteria. This important alliance enables us to collaborate with like-minded people from banks, credit unions, and banking cooperatives in GABV, who have a shared vision to use finance to deliver economic, social, and environmental impact. Simply put, we are amplifying the original purpose of credit unions, 

putting people before profit, and investing in the financial well-being of our members and Vermont communities. 


By focusing on values and impact, we are part of a larger movement of values-based businesses that reaches above and beyond industry norms. We are helping to build a framework for financial prosperity that makes a meaningful impact on our employees, our members, and our Vermont communities. The cooperative credit union structure is built for local reinvestment of deposits and does not support outside shareholders (we have none); our member-owners and their financial interests are our top priority. 

Our vision inspires us to work closely with our members, community leaders, local business owners, and thought leaders to promote prosperity. With a focus on community, VSECU “powers” organizations that stimulate social and economic opportunities through collaboration and cooperation. To further strengthen Vermont’s cooperative economy, we created Co-op Capital, an initiative that enables us to make long-term capital investments to help start new cooperative enterprises and grow established co-ops. 


Our long-held environmental mission drives us to develop sustainable products like our VGreen energy saving loans, which help finance projects or purchases that improve home, business, and transportation energy efficiency. Our reputation for sustainable products and programs has earned us several state and federal funded grants to help support greener lifestyles in Vermont. 

Our buildings are a testament to our environmental mission, with a third of our branches meeting “green” standards, and our Rutland branch achieving Gold LEED certification. To provide power to our operations, we entered into a partnership with Soveren Solar, a Vermont solar design and installation company, to build a local solar array that will offset 100% of our electricity consumption with renewable energy. 


VSECU adheres to the credit union philosophy of people helping people. To that end, we prioritize employees, members, and communities. We begin in-house, offering paid Volunteer Time Off to enable employees to engage with social issues that are important to them, and offering awards and 

incentives that encourage staff to generate new ideas for improving the lives of their peers and our members. 

For our membership, we develop programs like Student LIFT (to provide financial relief for those facing education debt), We Care 2 (offering members a direct voice in where a portion of our charitable giving is allocated), and VGives (our philanthropic giving program, through which we donate a percentage of our overall earnings back to the community). With the help of fuel dealers around the state, we are also able to reduce the cost of home heating fuel through our VHeat Fuel Buying Program. 


We are a triple bottom line financial cooperative. We live by our vision and endeavor to be pioneers in the credit union industry, improving the lives of our employees, our members, Vermont communities, and beyond. We know you care about money. We do too. We believe where you put your money matters and that banking can and should create positive change for you, your community, and the world. We welcome you to join us! 

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