The Vermont Agency

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The mission of The Vermont Agency is to dramatically impact the lives of others. We live this mission one day at a time, one client at a time. Thank you for your trust in us.

We are proud to say:

  • We serve over 6,200 clients.
  • The number of lives we've touched is immense with more than $867 million of life insurance in force and $580 million in assets under management.
  • We are afflilated with National Life Insurance Company, a 168 year old organization based in Montpelier, VT.
  • We have donated over $500,00 to local Vermont charities on behalf of our agents through our Vermont Agency Foundation.
  • We are committed to providing our clients with a consistent quality financial experience.
  • We do this through our proprietary Critical Mass No BoundriesTM process.
  • We have 190 agents that represents us throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Upstate New York.
  • We would love to serve you as you plan for your sercure financial future!

To learn more about The Vermont Agency, please visit our website at

A special thank you to our representatives that work to help meet the hopes, dreams and desires of their clients. We appreciate you!

Guy Alderdice

WilliamJ.Allen, LUTCF

Richard B. Anderson

Katharine P. Antinozzi

Meredith T.Augustoni, CLU, ChFC

Sage T. Bahre

Sean M. Barewicz

Starr Barnum, V

Justin T. Beauregard

Janet C. Binkerd


Donald R. Boisvert, CLU, ChFC

William S. Boyd

Jonathan E. Bryer

E Peter Brynn, CLU

Daniel E Cabanel

RyanS. Carr

Michael G. Castillo, LUTCF, CFP®3, CLU

Eric A. Caswell

Mark Chaffee

Benjamin Chamberlin

Bradbury D. Cliff

Rupert Cote, LUTCF

Rodrique P. Cousino

Kami Cunningham

Brian S. Cussimanio

Stephen G. Daigle

Michael C. Donnelly, LUTCF

Gilbert M. Edelston

Mark L. Elstner, CLU, ChFC

Louise E. Evans, CFP®3, CLU

Laura H. Fagan

Justin Ferguson

Matthew Filik

Sean Finnegan

Colin]. Fucci

Joseph Garcia

]. Townsend Gilbert

Jonathan Gray

Wesley Greeley, LUTCF

Patrick R. Griffin

Alexander H. Haase

Jeffrey M. Haller

John K. Hamilton, LUTCF


Lori E. Handy

Laurie Hasso, CLU, ChFC, CFP®3

Stephen Hasso, CLU, ChFC, CFP®3

Eloise A. Hedbor

James W Herlihy, CLU

Corey L. Hevrin

William T. Hinman, CLU, ChFC

John K. Holzscheiter

Christopher Huchro

Gwendolyn N.Jefferson

Stephen M. Jones, II

Donna Joslyn

Thomas M. Kasprzak

Sean T. Keefe

Stephen Kende, CLU

MarkW Klein

Jan Knutsen

Mark B. Kostrzewski, CLU, ChFC

Brenton Lane

Michelle P. Lawrence, CPA2, PFS

Matthew Lemieux

Wendy Letourneau

William Logue

Scott C. Matassa, CLU, ChFC

Jason M. McFaul

Shon McLain

Renato E. Merolli, JD1

Lloyd S. Miller

Martha G. Noel

Todd Novelli

Timothy A. O'Halloran, CFP®3

William E. Patno, CLU

Peter A. Pelletier, CLU, ChFC

Allen H. Phillips, CLU, ChFC

Matthew Poulin

Stephen 0. Roberts, Ch FC

Edmond G. Rousse, LUTCF

Michael]. Ryan

Christopher L. Saras

Jacob Savio

Anthony Scalise

Blake Schill

Robert H. Schill

Brent M. Sleeper

Peter M. Smith, CLU, CFP®3

Adam M. Smolen

Chris Sommer

Laura Sonovick

Ross P. Steelman

Daniel Streeter, CPA2, PFS

JoAnn Thibault, FSS

StanleyThims, CFP®3, CLU, ChFC

Richard Trask

Matthew A. Walker

David L. White

C. Tyler Wood

354 Mountain View Drive, Suite 200

Colchester, VT 05446

(802) 864-6819

1 Not practicing Jaw. 2 Not practicing accountancy. 3 CFfJ® and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ are certification marks owned by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. These marks are awarded to individuals who successfully complete the CFP Board's initial and ongoing certification requirements. Securities and investment advisory services are offered by Equity Services, Inc. (ESI) a Broker-Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor affiliate of N LIC. The Vermont Agency and The Vermont Agency Foundation are independent of ESI. TC87417(1115)1

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