Vermont’s Original Bag Balm

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New ownership to expand opportunities for a legendary Vermont brand

In the 115 years since Bag Balm was invented for use on dairy cows, it has come to be known as the "Rescue Balm." Its ability to moisturize, soothe and help heal a wide variety of skin afflictions has earned the product a dedicated following, and is unmatched by imitations. With additional sizes and an expanded product line, new owners Vermont’s Original will make Bag Balm even more accessible, and, if possible, even more versatile. 

Not much about the product itself has changed in over a century – the simple formula, packaging and production in Lyndonville, VT continue to be the cornerstones of the business. Vermont's Original is moving forward with a high degree of respect for the product's roots in the Northeast Kingdom, where Bag Balm is still made today.


Same Product, Fresh Approach

The new management team brings classic brand revival expertise to the iconic brand, having successfully re-launched legendary brands such as Beeman's, Black Jack and Clove chewing gums, Aqua Velva, Lectric Shave and Clear Eyes. 

After a year of reviewing the business and performing market research, Vermont's Original is poised to drive strategic growth over the long term. A re-tooled manufacturing strategy, expanded product range (including tubes) and re-focused marketing and media effort will allow Bag Balm to even better serve those dealing with compromised skin. 



Bag Balm was created in 1899 from three simple ingredients to soothe and protect dairy cows’ udders during harsh winters.

The farmers found that Bag Balm provided intense moisture, soothed chapped udders and small injuries, and soon became the only thing they trusted for their cows. 

Exactly how and when Bag Balm made its way from the barn to the medicine cabinet is somewhat of a mystery. Legend has it that the farmers’ wives noticed how well it moisturized and softened their husbands’ hands, and just like that, Bag Balm was no longer just for cows. Families started using it on every cut, scrape, irritation and dry skin patch – a practice that has been passed down for generations.

Today, thousands of testimonials illustrate Bag Balm’s efficacy – it’s been described as a “miracle product” for treating severely dry, chapped, irritated, chafed, calloused, or cracked skin. Uses for Bag Balm include everything from soothing psoriasis, eczema, chafing, chapped lips and cracked heels, to helping heal dog paw pads and fresh tattoos.  

The Bag Balm brand is owned by Vermont’s Original LLC, which includes private equity investors Gemini Investors and Timepiece Capital. 


Vermont's Original, LLC

Made in Vermont Since 1899

P.O. Box 145

Lydonville, VT 05851


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