The Rehab GYM

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The RehabGYM is unlike any other business. It is not a physical therapy clinic and not a gym. Just as its name, it is a seamless hybrid allowing for physical rehabilitation in an unrivaled environment, with a much wider array of rehabilitative tools than typical, while providing fitness where medical guidance is  embedded within. No other business in the state of Vermont or even country, offers services of rehab and fitness more naturally and effectively in one shared space. 

Health care reform is focusing more on prevention and the RehabGYM champions this effort. Identifying and “fixing” areas of dysfunction in mobility and fitness leads to healthier lives. Effective applications of exercise and nutrition has the potential to reverse chronic disease when applied early enough in the disease process. 

Athletic Training is a vital part to the RehabGYM's successful outcomes. ATCs are educated, trained and  licensed in medical service. Their rehab services are paid for through insurance.

Advantages of the RG:

  • Customers have free access to the gym between professional therapy visits to augment their rehab and general health
  • Customers have more choices in rehab
  • Customers in fitness memberships and classes have free, unlimited access to medical guidance
  • Team approach - allowing for a broader perspective, more flexibility in scheduling and personal support.

The RehabGYM – your community resource for physical rehabilitation and fitness.

Three Locations:

Barre: (802) 479-4000

Colchester: (802) 861-0111

Willison: (802) 876-6000

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