Providing Consistent Growth and High-Tech Careers for Vermonters for 60 Years

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Growing in Vermont since 1955

With its world headquarters nestled in the picturesque Green Mountains of Vermont, GW Plastics has built a reputation as one of the industry’s most respected precision injection molding and contract manufacturing companies.  

In 1955, John Galvin and Odin Westgaard decided to combine their extensive business and materials engineering experience – and their initials – to start an injection molding firm called GW Plastics in Bethel, Vermont.  After building GW Plastics into a successful business, they sold the company to Carborundum Corporation in 1973.  A series of large-company M&A transactions resulted in GW’s ownership by Standard Oil of Ohio.  In 1983, after suffering through ten years of large company neglect, a group of Vermont-based managers and entrepreneurs purchased GW Plastics keeping the company in Vermont and helping it thrive.  Today, as we celebrate our 60th year of operation, GW Plastics has grown to over 1,000 associates worldwide and six global locations serving the world’s most successful companies.

The Experience to Deliver

GW Plastics has become a trusted contract manufacturing partner to the world’s most successful companies due to its commitment to quality, innovative manufacturing techniques, and high-tech, global facilities. GW Plastics’ focus is on precision injection molding, tooling, and contract manufacturing of precision thermoplastic and silicone components and assemblies for the healthcare and industrial markets. Whether it is helping to develop and manufacture life-changing medical devices or environment-saving filtration systems, GW Plastics is privileged to play an important role in improving the lives of millions of people. 

Boosting the Vermont Economy

GW Plastics is passionate about cultivating strong and sustainable relationships with their fellow Vermonters. For decades, the company has awarded scholarships to local students to further their education in technical fields, opened their doors to students and community members for various types of training programs including the GW Plastics School of Tech, and provided rewarding, life-long careers for Vermonters. GW Plastics is consistently viewed as a preferred local and industry employer with a highly motivated and long-tenured workforce.   

Over the years, GW Plastics has fostered many impressive employee success stories.  The company’s several internal training programs, such as the Certified Manufacturing Technician Training Program, allow employees to receive continuous education in GW Plastics’ state-of-the-art facilities in collaboration with Vermont Technical College. Many graduates of their training programs have migrated to technical and non-technical leadership roles throughout the company. GW Plastics’ continued interest and success with hiring Vermonters shows no sign of slowing down, as they just announced a major expansion in their Royalton facility, bringing the promise of new jobs and an ongoing commitment to growing in Vermont. 

Award-Winning Company

GW Plastics has received state-wide and international recognition for its commitment to local community support and industry best practices. In 2013, GW Plastics was the recipient of the Deane C. David Outstanding Vermont Business of the Year award and in 2010 won the Plastics News Processor of the Year award. 

Grow with GW Plastics

Throughout its rich 60-year history, GW Plastics has maintained an unshaken commitment to ethical and professional business practices and steady growth. The company’s continuity of ownership and financial strength has permitted it to build a successful business based on consistent performance, long-term customer relationships, and an experienced and engaged workforce. 

Interested in being part of a successful team and growing with GW Plastics? Visit them at to learn more about their capabilities, career opportunities, and dedication to their community. 

GW Plastics World Headquarters

239 Pleasant Street, 

Bethel, VT 05032


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