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The Grossman School of Business at the University of Vermont prepares students to become business leaders in a complex and dynamic global environment. To accomplish this, we cultivate awareness of the importance of creating profitable and innovative businesses that have positive economic, social and environmental impacts. We infuse innovation and leadership into our curriculum to develop graduates who are skilled at identifying problems and opportunities, and who make decisions based on astute analysis. Our faculty strive to achieve teaching excellence, advancing critical thinking and leadership skills together with advanced management practices.

Our undergraduate curriculum is focused around 3 strategic themes; Global Business, Sustainable Business, and Entrepreneurship, tied together with 4 concentrations; Finance, Accounting, Marketing and Business Analytics. We have dramatically expanded opportunities for students to learn from experience, because we believe experiential learning is a crucial component of student success, and one of the most powerful teaching and learning tools available. Students are exposed to the business world outside of the classroom through involvement in global case competitions, alumni networking events, career panels, business speakers, community service projects and business-based campus clubs. These critical learning activities are an integral part of our curriculum and provide students with a rich, diverse, and thought-provoking educational experience.

Our Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program started in 2009 and is designed to prepare recent graduates and second career seeking individuals, for careers in accounting, finance, and the business world beyond. The program includes 18 credit hours in accounting, 3 credit hours of CPA law, and 9 credit hours of business electives. Students choose from a variety of tax, auditing, and financial reporting courses to fulfill their accounting hours. All students complete a 3 credit hour course in oral and written professional communications. Most students complete the program in one year, while a two-year part-time option is popular with individuals currently employed, as well as those students who need to complete prerequisite courses. After completing the program, most students sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. We are proud that in 2014 the program ranked 20th in the first-time CPA exam pass rate within 265 medium-sized master’s programs. 

If you are looking to be prepared for an exciting career in one year, our MAcc program at UVM offers a challenging and relevant curriculum that provides an excellent foundation for success. Students benefit from one-on-one interaction with our distinguished faculty and our graduates have excellent career outcomes with the Big Four firms, smaller accounting firms and corporate accounting. Many graduates begin their accounting careers in the Northeast and in Vermont, with such notable companies as Crowe Horwath, David & Hodgdon Associates, Gallagher Flynn & Co., Grant Thornton, Grippin Donlan Pinkham, Johnson Lambert, KPMG, McSoley McCoy, A.M. Peische & Company, RSM, EY and PWC.  

In 2014 we launched our fully accredited, 1-year Sustainable Entrepreneurship MBA (SEMBA) program, where you will enjoy small, tight-knit classes taught by some of the leading thinkers and business experts in the field of sustainable business. SEMBA’s mission is to prepare individuals to create profitable and sustainable business opportunities in a world undergoing transformational change, and the curriculum fundamentally reinvents business education and the MBA degree to address the challenges we face in the 21st century. 

What makes it so unique? Traditional MBA Programs focus on training people for “executional” roles in established firms, typically hiring MBAs into clearly defined “implementer” jobs in marketing, investment banking, operations, corporate finance and consulting. It is where the “mass-market” for jobs is located; with established firms looking for people with functional MBA skills to help them deliver and continuously improve current businesses. If merely being an implementer is the goal of your MBA training, then SEMBA is the wrong program for you! 

We endeavor to create change agents rather than implementers. 

SEMBA has already been ranked the #4 “Green MBA” by the prestigious Princeton Review, and is looking for people not content to do things the way they’ve always been done; people who think differently and know there’s a better way to do business. Whether transforming an existing business or creating a new venture, SEMBA has been specifically designed from the ground-up for anyone that understands that these times demand a new approach.

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