PayData Workforce Solutions: Focused on people and process...not just payroll

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PayData has been a leading provider of affordable Payroll and HR Solutions to Vermont employers of all sizes since 1986. PayData was founded in Vermont and is independently owned by Vermonters. Our humble beginnings as a start-up business continue to inspire and motivate our team today. 

For over 28 years our Colchester, VT based business has been delivering accurate and reliable results to our clients. Our professional staff has over 150 years of combined payroll and HR experience. We take pride in the fact that our first customer is right down the road from us and we continue to earn their trust with each payroll we process.

Local means something to us. We are honored to work with Vermont’s employers throughout the state, and to share in their success.   Our clients know us by name, and appreciate our commitment to personalized and responsive customer service. 

This year PayData has initiated some significant changes. We’ve relocated to a new building in the same neighborhood, introduced some exciting new products, and refreshed our logo and the face of our business. We want businesses to know that PayData Workforce Solutions is more than just payroll. Our cloud-based technology delivers end-to-end HR solutions. Our comprehensive, accurate, and highly-accessible database takes any sized business to the next level and returns value to your HR department.


STREAMLINE HR TASKS from recruitment to retirement

It’s everything a business needs, all in one place. Our fully integrated HCM technology provides a comprehensive suite of services, from applicant tracking and onboarding to self-service, time & labor management, benefits, compensation, compliance, analytics, and reporting. And it’s expandable, so businesses implement only what is needed, and add on when those needs grow.



Our services provide piece of mind! Our advanced HR solutions keep our clients up-to-date and in compliance with the latest regulatory changes, and our automated tools guard against the vulnerability of human error. Our local support team is here, with personalized attention and trusted insight when needed most.

Whether an employer is looking for a full suite of HR solutions, or is simply looking for a reliable Vermont company to pay their employees, PayData is ready to help! Contact us today. We would welcome the opportunity to show you what the new PayData can do for you. 


PayData Workforce Solutions

P.O. Box 706

Essex Jct., VT 05453

Phone: (802) 655-6160

Fax: (802) 655-7263

Year Established: 1987

President:  Paul Trahan

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