Over 10 Years of Service & Going Strong

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Back in 2005, Jake Loeffler, founder of Brickliners Custom Masonry and Chimney Service had many different ideas on the type of business he dreamed of starting.  As Jake said, ‘Nobody plans to be a Chimneysweep!’ Thankfully for Jake, his entrepreneurial spirit led him on the right direction; now more than ten years later, Brickliners has evolved to be the highest rated chimney service across Northern Vermont.  As you would expect, they offer typical chimney inspections and cleaning services, but they also are known for doing custom masonry repairs, as well as dryer vent cleaning services. 

We asked Jake what he attributes the success of Brickliners to over the past decade. Here are the notable factors he feels has contributed to their growth:

A Focus on new technology

With headquarters tucked away in a small industrial park in Williston, Brickliners has built its reputation on providing exceptional service and using modern technology to service the needs of our clients. Most people picture the business as the soot-covered, top-hatted, Mary Poppins type of chimney sweeping service. Ironically, that is far from how they operate. Brickliners views themselves as innovators in the world of chimneys services. Most of their services are automated.  When technicians arrive at a job site they’ll scan the chimneys with a camera which sends a video to an iPad, allowing homeowners to see what’s happening on the inside of the chimney. This technology, coupled with on-the-spot estimates helps simplify the process and allows homeowners the opportunity to make decisions more quickly and with confidence.

Maintaining High Employee Morale

Successful companies are always backed by strong, reliable employees.  From day one, they have always looked for the right people and made it they’re number one priority.  Some would say that the most important thing is your customers, but you can’t service the customers without good employees. They treat employees like family and when you maintain a positive work environment where everyone feels appreciated, things always work out.  The high morale flows into their customer service; making customers happy and feel like they’re being taken care of. 

Steady growth

Slow and steady wins the race. Jake explains in interview with Vermont Business People, how it hasn’t always been easy, we’ve experienced growing pains over the years. But for the most part, it’s always been a steady increase and growth. But every stage of a business is different. Like, ‘We don’t have enough trucks,’ or, ‘The technology is antiquated.’ There’s always something new to upgrade or a way to evolve. When we’ve had losses, we’ve chalked it up to learning, and get better.

Commitment to education, research and development

From the start, Brickliners has placed a strong emphasis on certification and education for their employees — no matter which technician is in a home representing the business, you can be confident that they have the knowledge and professional expertise to give you the quality service you deserve. All of our their lead chimney technicians are Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified and go through extensive training to ensure that they are prepared to deal with any problem they may find — no matter the age, condition, or style of your fireplace and chimney system.

What does the Future Hold for Brickliners?

A large percentage of the customers Brickliners serves are residential home owners.  Moving into the future, more emphasis and focus will be placed on carrying that same level of service to increase the commercial properties they serve. ‘We’ve been extremely successful with our larger clients, like Stowe Mountain Lodge and hundreds of Condo Associations and property management accounts, so we’ll continue to focus our efforts to grow that portion of our business.’

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