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2017 will be a storied year for our family-owned group of dealerships as we celebrate 1 00 years - and currently four generations - in the truck dealership business. In honor of our centennial celeoration (including 41 years in the•state of Vermont), here's a snippet of the story of how we came to serve the Greeh Mountain State.


The year was 1975. The cost of diesel fuel was hovering at around 55 cents per gallon and a first class stamp would set you back a dime. Route 7 in Shelburne was still a two lane road crowded with car dealerships, and the memorable restaurant, "The Harbor Hideaway", was thriving ; but man, that skeleton was creepy. It was that same year that Green Mountain Kenworth, lnc., now known as New England Kenworth • Burlington, opened its doors. The dealership, one of the first heavy truck dealers in the state of Vermont, sold and serviced Kenworth trucks, the standard of the industry. 41 years later, the dealership is very much still thriving, with founder and president Joseph R. Alosa, Sr. still at the helm. But that's far from where it started. Joe's father, Pasquale "Patsy" Alosa, came to Ellis Island, New York in 1912 from southern Italy. With a knack for fixing things at a t1me when the transportation industry was relatively new, he opened a repair shop in Concord, New Hampshire after returning from WWI in 1917. Struggling with the English language, the only words he knew at the time were "Patsy Fix!". Soon, that became his trademark around town. Joe, one of six children, quickly took to his father's business of "fixing" things. Growing up in his dad's shop, he eventually began working as a mechanic. In 1964 General Motors Truck Division came knocking on his door, looking for a dealer 1n New Hampshire. Thus began his foray into the world of be1ng a truck dealer. Joe subsequently signed on with Kenworth Truck Company in 1972 and moved from the little garage into a larger building to accommodate the 'big rigs'. The Concord location remains 1n that same building today. This brings us back to 1975: the grand opemng of the Vermont dealership. Joe's sister Angela and her husband Micfiael moved to Shelburne to head the fledgling truck dealership. These were the days long before social media, so Angela, full of ingenuity, devised a "marketing plan" for the ages. The dealership was brand new and no one knew we were there, so she set up a lawn chair on our property along Route 7. There she sat, writing the names of trucking companies down on a pad of paper as they passed by. She would then go back Inside, look up the companies in the phone book (remember those?), and mail them credit applications. That's how we built our customer base.


In the years that followed, Joe signed on with two more product lines: lsuzu in 1985, and Hino in 1989. We grew to be a part of the Vermont community, proudly providing the region with access to all things trucks. In 2015, our group of dealerships extended its services to the state of Maine with locations in Portland, Bangor and Lebanon, as well as to the southern region of Vermont with the opening of New England Kenworth • Rutland. Offering sales, parts, service and leasing, this small but growing facility marked our first expansion within the state of Vermont. Vermont has always been a natural fit for our New England roots, and as the nature of trucks change with emissions and alternative fuels, we only see growth in the future for all of our locations. We look forward to serving the Green Mountain State for decades to come.


On behalf of everyone at New England Kenworth, we'd like to say THANK YOU to all of our customers, new and old. Without you, we could not withstand the test of time.


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