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For those of you not familiar with Bertek Label & Card Solutions, Bertek has been printing labels in Vermont for over 40 years and is conveniently located in Fairfax, VT. Within the last 3 years, Bertek has focused heavily on growing digital label sales in the New England area – largely due to the efforts of Danielle Ryea Rabideau, Account Manager, with support from Peter Kvam, Digital Print Division President. “The digital print division has provided Bertek with the vehicle necessary to appeal to our Regional Customers” says Peter Kvam, divisional President. “Our customers are comprised of companies in the specialty food industry in Vermont and elsewhere in New England.” They also provide labels to the Beverage, Beauty & Personal Care, Beer & Spirits, Wine and Nutraceutical markets. The photos above depict one of their recently satisfied customers, Lefty aka “Seth” Yunger of Lefty’s Kitchen Show. Bertek manufactured the labels for his “Passionate Hot Sauce.” … very good and hot!!! Lefty had heard of us through the Vermont Food Venture Center, a facility in Hardwick, VT that provides the necessary equipment needed to produce and package many of our local entrepreneurs’ specialty food products. He contacted our Account Manager, Danielle Ryea Rabideau, who walked him through all of the necessary steps it would take to produce a label that not only looks great but performs great on his bottle of hot sauce. Lefty was so excited about having his labels produced that he requested he be allowed to videotape their production process from start to finish. "We absolutely love working with the talented people in this market" says Danielle Rabideau Ryea, Account Manager. If it’s labels you are looking for, ask the expert and contact Danielle at: or call 802-528-5707. Danielle and Peter will provide the same world-class customer service that Lefty experienced.

Arrowhead Industrial Park

133 Bryce Blvd.

Fairfax, VT 05454

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