LEDdynamics: What a Bright Idea

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Innovative products, solutions, and services for your LED lighting needs.

The LUXdrive family of LED system components, by LEDdynamics, oers a wide variety of drivers, light modules, optics, and control systems to many LED lighting applications. Contact one of our LEDdynamics application support team members to see which product best solves your LED lighting needs.

LED Driver Modules:

  • No need for other external components
  • Dierent packages/specications available
  • Any low-voltage lighting application

LED Stars:

  • LED(s) mounted on ‘star’ boards
  • 1-Up and 3-Up
  • Colors and white (various color temperatures) LEDs

LED Light Engines:

  • PCB with LEDs and driver circuitry
  • 12/24VDC input
  • 0-10V dimming

Saving energy and the environment has long been a prime goal of LEDdynamics. Our EverLED line of xtures and bulbs are the result of many years of research, innovation and our commitment to quality. Our time-proven EverLED Direct Drop-In Fluorescent Tube Replacement, released in 2006, was the rst commercially available product of its type. It oers users of existing uorescent lighting a tool-free upgrade to safe, efficient and long-lasting Solid State lighting. It's as easy as changing bulbs, no xture modication required. EverLED also oers innovative LED light xtures. The slim prole LVL.2 is an ecient and stylish low voltage task or under cabinet xture.The rugged high-output LVL.4, is the low-voltage choice for exterior use providing abundant bright light with minimum power consumption.


It all starts here, with the top engineers and brightest talent in the industry. Our innovative team approach has led to some of the most important breakthroughs in the emerging eld of LED technology. We’re the go to companyfor manufacturers, lighting designers and businesses looking for creative solutions to virtually any LED lighting challenge. From research and development, to prototyping, to small production runs, to nal OEM production, LEDthinktank can turn your idea into a brilliant reality.


TEGpro: The Thermoelectric Generator experts deliver high performance products and solutions. Specializing in power regulation, conditioning, and high temperature Thermoelectric Generator design.


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