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The Vermont chapter of the American Heart Association has named local business and community leaders, Sandy Mayotte and Deb Loughlin as Co-Chairs of the January 28th Go Red For Women Luncheon. 

Sandy Mayotte is the Sr. Vice President/Secretary at A.N Deringer, Inc. and Deb Loughlin is the Managing Principal at Digital Benefit Advisors.

“I asked Deb and Sandy to Chair the Go Red for Women luncheon not only because they are leaders in the community but because they both have an unbelievable passion to make our community a healthier place to live,” said Andy Holman, Senior Regional Director at the Vermont American Heart Association.

Both women are driven towards community health education with the common goal of educating women on their number one health threat, heart disease. “As an employee benefits advisor I work with a lot of health claim data, as well as being deeply involved in my client’s corporate wellness plans,” said Loughlin. “I know what a difference even small improvements in one’s health makes from the ‘hard’ side, the profitability of a company, as well as the ‘soft’ side, quality of life. “As a working mom I also know how hard it can be to find time and energy to do the right things. This is an opportunity for me to work with some energetic and incredible women to find practical ways to achieve better health success in all our everyday lives.” 

Go Red for Women is a national movement by the American Heart Association to raise awareness for the effects of heart disease on women. Every year approximately 500,000 women die from cardiovascular disease; yet less than 13 percent of American women view heart disease as a serious problem.  Funds raised from the Go Red for Women event will support further research for women’s cardiovascular issues. 

 “I married into a family where the women I have grown to love typically die from heart failure; this risk now includes my daughter,” said Mayotte.  “Research and prevention are key.  If my small contribution can positively affect the heart health of women today and encourage others to join in the research and campaign, then the number of women who die from heart health can continue to improve.”

The Go Red For Women Luncheon on January 28th will feature breakout sessions, health screenings, interactive health exhibits, networking and the opportunity to discover tools and resources to build healthier lives. Guests will hear the inspirational story of a local survivor’s triumph over heart disease and enjoy a heart-healthy lunch. 

 “This year’s luncheon will be filled with passion, fun and practical ways to strengthen our resilience to heart disease,” said Mayotte. “From tips on managing financial stress, to quick health meals, and physical activity, the program will provide strategies that people can immediately implement.  This is also a celebration of women, family, and partnerships.”

Since 1949, the American Heart Association has invested more than $3.3 billion in research. That investment has yielded or contributed to many important innovations — such as CPR, life-extending drugs (including clot-busters), pacemakers, bypass surgery, the heart-lung machine and surgical techniques to repair heart defects.  These and other advances are making it possible for many Vermonters to call themselves “survivors.” 

“Women and anyone who knows a woman will walk away from this event feeling energized and empowered,” said Loughlin. “The program is about sharing and growing our success as a community as well as supporting each other in our efforts to live healthier, happier lives. There is enough synergy and inspiration that the event feels like it has a heartbeat of its own.”

Go Red For Women is nationally sponsored by Macy’s and locally by: AN Deringer, Digital Benefit Advisors, University of Vermont Medical Center Hospital, Medical School and Cardiovascular Research Institute, Express Scripts, Star 92.9 and Local 22, Local 44.

Event Details:

Vermont Go Red For Women Luncheon

January 28th, 2016


Burlington Hotel & Conference Center, Burlington Vermont


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