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Stephen A. Unsworth and Ellen B. LaPlante focus exclusively on Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Medicaid Planning. Unsworth Law is the only Vermont member of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys. Unsworth and LaPlante are also members of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, and Unsworth is president of the Vermont Chapter.

Why they do what they do: Their firm is different from most because they have a passion for Estate Planning and feel there is a gap in most families’ plans. Other firms address “after death” issues, leaving families vulnerable when the unexpected happens “during life.” The attorneys at Unsworth Law know it is a great privilege to help families effectively plan their estate and leave a meaningful legacy. They realize that clients entrust them with all of their worldly wealth and ask to make sure it’s preserved, not only for their use but for generations to come.

Estate Planning: When you die, you pass on much more than just your financial assets. Sadly, traditional estate planning ignores the non-financial legacy you leave behind. Unsworth Law’s goal is to help you examine your financial and nonfinancial goals, take action to minimize the impact on your family, and ensure that your legacy lives on through those you love.

Elder Law: Elder Law involves planning for the complex health care, long-term care, and other issues facing elderly and disabled individuals and their families. Studies show that half of people over 65 will need a long-term care before they die. Therefore, everyone should take into account that at some point, residency in a nursing home or an assisted living facility may be needed. However, the substantial cost of nursing home care for an incapacitated person can wipe away a family’s nest egg and the inheritance planned for surviving family members. The primary alternative to privately paying the nursing home is Medicaid.

Medicaid: So many times clients go to their attorney under the mistaken impression that there is nothing that can be done to protect assets from nursing home costs. Much of the circulating consumer knowledge is false or misinterpreted. For example, it isn’t always necessary to wait 5 years after gifting assets to become eligible for Medicaid. The answer actually depends upon the specific facts of your case. With Unsworth Law’s experience in Estate and Medicaid Planning, many of the assets you have spent a lifetime accumulating can be protected from high nursing home expenses.


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