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G.W. Tatro Construction, Inc. is one of Vermont’s leading heavy civil construction companies. They build roads, ski areas, wastewater facilities, snowmaking systems, penstock for hydroelectric dams and many other infrastructure projects used by tens of thousands of people.

They pride themselves not on being the biggest, but being the best. Since 1956, their fleet of specialized equipment and positive attitude gives them the ability to react quickly to customers. The needs of their clients’ and employees’ are the highest priority. They emphasize safety; they conduct themselves to the highest levels of quality and do it in the most ethical manner. Long term goals are not sacrificed for short term gains.

Their founder, Gerald Warren Tatro (8/28/22 – 10/12/02), always believed in pushing the limits of what one could do. In his early twenties, he stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day in World War II. He was in continuous combat for two months, was severely wounded attempting to clear a hill of snipers with four other men and was left for dead. By chance, a patrol found him and carried him to a field hospital. He lost one lung, and much of his second.

Gerald applied the very same drive exhibited in his military career to his professional career. His first purchase was a bulldozer in 1956 which was used to construct a ski trail at Smuggler’s Notch Resort in Jeffersonville.  He was the first to top Sterling Mountain on a bulldozer.

Thus, G.W. Tatro Construction was born.

His son Greg said that Gerald “didn’t want to just build roads, he wanted to do everything… he liked the challenge of moving the earth.”  Gerald lived daily believing that “there is no such thing as can’t.” He had a strong work ethic, a no-nonsense attitude, and a sense of family. In 45 years, G.W. Tatro grew from one person to a crew of over 40 employees by the time of Gerald’s passing.

Today, Greg, as President, and wife, Dawn, as Vice President, continue operations at G.W. Tatro by these same traits. They empower their employees to keep finding new and better ways to run the company. Their strength as a company comes through the intermingling of disciplines in Site/Civil, Material Resources, Mountain, and Renewable Energy operations. Each division, together, stronger than the sum of its parts.

G.W. Tatro is the Snowmaking Contractor of the East. No one matches their experience in installing snowmaking systems. Their pipe welders are fully certified and among the finest in the country. In conjunction with their exclusive Zap-Lok process, their specialized team can install any system you require. Few contractors in the United States can equal their level of experience in trail design and construction. In road and highway construction, they utilize the most up to date equipment and survey technology to stay ahead of the curve to tackle today’s complex projects. In Site Work, G.W. Tatro crews have successfully completed dozens of developments, on scales large and small. From initial clearing, excavation and utilities to the final restoration, top soil and seeding. 

Having built a business on the pristine ski slopes of New York and New England, G.W. Tatro understands the importance of erosion control. Clients regularly commend their crews on their no-nonsense approach to erosion control and their proactive- not reactive-mentality to environmental best managed practices (BMP’s). G.W. Tatro crews have installed scores of Rip Rap slopes throughout Vermont; especially in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene. The company prides itself on its expertise with river stabilization, and implementation of erosion and sediment control. And, in Renewable Energy, one of the fastest growing niches in the construction industry, there is no stronger nor supportive advocate than G.W. Tatro. As a seasoned company in this field, G.W. Tatro has the ability to handle any hydroelectric, wind or solar project. Give strong consideration to G.W. Tatro Construction for these projects.

G.W. Tatro is honored and humbled to be the recipient of Equipment World magazine 2016's Contractor of the Year Award. The President, Greg Tatro, the Vice President, Dawn Tatro, and Equipment Manager, Justin Day were present at the award ceremony on March 5th, 2016. They were honored and surprised by the win. This success is due to the many great people who work their hardest at G.W. Tatro and our amazing clients whose testimonials were said to be the best in the 16 years of the award.

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