Creating Access to Mentoring and Higher Education for Child Care Professionals...16 Years and Counting

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Our Mission:

VCCICC supports Vermont’s children, families, communities, schools and businesses by promoting the highest quality child care for young and school-age children through the recruitment, training, development, mentoring and retention of qualified child care professionals.

In 1998, Vermont was one of the first 10 states to receive a grant from the US Department of Labor to implement a Registered Child Care Apprenticeship Program. The Vermont Child Care Industry and Careers Council (VCCICC) was developed as a nonprofit organization to support the Child Care Apprenticeship Program and increase the capacity of high quality child care across the state. 

Working in partnership with the US and VT Departments of Labor, the VT Child Development Division, and area child care employers, our first Apprentices were registered in December 2000. Sixteen years later, VCCICC is still in business, working to strengthen the infrastructure of child care programs throughout the state.

The Vermont Child Care Apprenticeship Program (VCCAP) helps build quality child care through on-the-job mentoring and access to higher education for newer employees in the field. Like apprenticeship in other trades, Child Care Apprenticeship follows the traditional model that combines on-the-job training, under direct supervision, with formal classroom instruction. In the trade of child care, this includes 18 college credits.

Child care apprentices work with qualified mentors in their workplace to build their skills and confidence on the job. They also enroll in a sequence of six tuition-free college courses, which are geared specifically to provide the knowledge they’ll need to work successfully with young children and their families. The courses delve into communication, child development, curriculum development, program management and more. Often, completion of the Apprenticeship Program and related courses will jumpstart apprentices’ goals to complete degrees and/or other credentials in the field.

Nicole Walker states, "Completing the Apprenticeship Program has given me the strength, drive, and confidence I needed to continue on with my education. Not only am I now working towards other degrees and certificates, but I am currently helping
others work towards their goals, by becoming a mentor myself.” Nicole started as an assistant teacher and is now the Director of Appletree Learning Centers in Stowe. She continues to support apprentices in her program.

• Over 1,600 students have taken at least one of our tuition-free college courses 

VCCICC contracts a sequence of six courses for apprentices through the Community College of Vermont (CCV). After apprentices are enrolled, courses are open to non-apprentice students who are currently working in the child care field, meeting a community need for access to affordable higher education

• 120 individuals have completed the Child Care Apprenticeship Program 

VCCICC collaborates with the VT Department of Labor to coordinate this program, which combines on-the-job mentoring with community-based trainings and tuition-free college courses. 

• 48 semesters of college courses have been offered so far and over 9,000 credits have been earned by child care employees 

Our courses have been running in a continuous cycle in Chittenden County since 2001, and are offered in additional regions across the state as funding allows. In 2016-2017, courses will be offered at CCV sites in Bennington, Rutland, Springfield, St. Albans, St. Johnsbury, and Winooski.

Working together, the child care industry supports other industries across the state by providing safe and healthy learning environments for our next generation of workers!

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