CCV - Your Partner in Workforce Development

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Business owners know the best way to strengthen their companies is to invest in their workforce. What’s the best way to do that in Vermont? With CCV.

Community College of Vermont is the leader in developing statewide workforce training programs to meet the needs of Vermont employers.  We know that trained employees are more efficient, better equipped to handle issues when they arise, and happier overall. And the dozens of companies we’ve worked with know that this investment works, and it works well.

Why CCV?

First and foremost, CCV’s workforce programs aren’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Your company doesn’t produce the same thing as your neighbor’s, so your employees may not need the same skills development regimen. With CCV, your employee training program is tailored to your needs. Our workforce development team will spend time up front getting to know your people and listening to your ideas. We’ll help you assess strengths and identify areas in which improvements can be made, then we’ll craft a custom training program to specifically target those areas and further improve upon your employees’ existing skill sets.

This training program could include in-depth instruction in computer applications, supervisory skills training, manufacturing and production training, and guidance in developing workplace communication skills, both interpersonal and written. These types of courses have been crafted with the help of the business community to guarantee that the materials fit with modern-day best practices and are applicable in the real-world workplace.

If your training curriculum requires further customization to meet your business needs, we’ll tap into the deep pool of knowledge provided by our faculty to create an individual course that covers the materials your employees need. CCV faculty aren’t just instructors, they’re practicing professionals who’ve taken on teaching as a means of sharing their expertise with a wider audience. In creating a custom course, we bring that expertise into the conversation to assess what type of material and instruction will best match your employees’ needs and go from there.

Beyond training programs, CCV can also work with you on assisting your employees on their path to earning a college degree. CCV understands that full- and part-time employees may not be able to fit a college schedule into their lives. We also know that many of these employees have gained skills and knowledge equivalent to college learning in their daily lives. Our workforce programs can also incorporate aspects of Community College of Vermont’s Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) curriculum into your customized training. With PLA, CCV will assess the college-level learning already acquired by your employees and award college credits based on that knowledge. 


Working with CCV means your employees have access to a statewide institution with 12 academic centers, covering every region of the state. We’re within 25 miles of nearly every home in Vermont, and that same distance applies to businesses as well. Your classes will be taught in modern, academic learning facilities with the most up-to-date software packages and learning materials available.

We also recognize that having your employees off-site for trainings may not be the best option for you. If that’s the case, CCV will bring courses to your location and provide instruction in a place that’s familiar to and convenient for your employees. 

Our Track Record

For years now businesses have been turning to the Community College of Vermont to help them strengthen their workforce. In the last year CCV delivered over 100 workforce courses and trainings to more than 1,000 participants working for both large and small employers in the state. Adecco, Edlund’s, UVM Medical Center, Global Foundries, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, Comcast, and Grace Cottage Hospital have all partnered with CCV for their workforce training needs, and that’s only a handful of our partners. Having worked with such a diverse group of businesses means CCV has gained experience in tailoring programs to meet any need, anywhere, and at any time.  

No matter what industry you’re in, whether it’s manufacturing, healthcare, human services, construction, or anything else, CCV can help you invest in your business by helping you invest in your employees. Visit for more information.


The Community College of Vermont is Vermont’s second largest college, serving over 7,000 students each
semester. With 12 locations and extensive online learning options, our students don’t have to travel far from their communities to access our degree and certificate programs, workforce, secondary and continuing education opportunities, and academic and veterans support services.

CCV’s workforce programs are funded, in part, through a grant from the U.S. DOL. CCV is an equal opportunity employer. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

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