A Bank Chartered to Help You and Our Community Succeed

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Mascoma Savings Bank is different from most banks. To customers, Mascoma Savings Bank represents the marriage of small-town courtesy and friendliness with the highest level of banking sophistication and financial expertise. However, the true reasons a regional bank with nearly 1.5 billion dollars in assets is almost inevitably first thought of as a local, community bank lie just below the surface.

Mutally Owned and Not for Sale

Mascoma Savings Bank is a mutually owned bank, which means it is chartered to serve the community and is not owned by stockholders. Today, only 8 percent of banks in the United States are mutually owned, yet mutual banks are some of the best stewards of community prosperity and among the most stable financial institutions.

Structured to Serve the Community

Mascoma Savings Bank’s organizational structure further underlines its commitment to responding to the needs of our community. The Bank’s Board of Directors is elected by the Mascoma Savings Bank Corporation members, who reflect the make-up and needs of our region and the bank’s 325 employees are integral parts of the communities Mascoma serves. Simply put, no matter how large the bank grows, it remains responsive to the needs of its neighbors, both customers and other community members.

Giving Back is at the Heart of Mascoma Savings Bank

Mutual savings banks have their roots in philanthropy. Mascoma Savings Bank was founded in 1899 by a group of individuals who “invested” small sums of money to capitalize the Bank with no expectation of any personal financial return, and was the first mutual bank in either Vermont or New Hampshire to form and fund a charitable foundation. Each year, Mascoma Savings Bank contributes a portion of its earnings to the Foundation for distribution to the community. Since its establishment in 1988, the Mascoma Savings Bank Foundation has contributed more than $3.4 million to local nonprofit organizations. But Mascoma Savings Bank’s commitment to the community extends even further as the Bank continues to directly support local nonprofits every year. When taken together with the Foundation’s contributions, Mascoma Savings Bank was the source of more than $800,000 in direct support for Vermont- and New Hampshire-based community organizations in 2014.

Helping Businesses Succeed

Mascoma Savings Bank’s 17 commercial lenders are part of a larger team of 33 business banking professionals who focus solely on commercial clients. Last year, this team originated $283 million in new commercial loans. Few lenders in Northern New England can match Mascoma Savings Bank’s ability to provide large amounts of working capital through a local decision making process. Even more importantly, because Mascoma Savings Bank is first and foremost a mutual bank, it invests in businesses for the long term-haul and good of the community. This means Mascoma Savings Bank makes decisions based on its ability to help a business prosper, not the ability to generate fees or fuel bank profits. There is nothing more important to Mascoma Savings Bank than helping every business succeed.

Vermont Offices:


264 Main Street



Loan Office 180 Battery Street



292 VT Route 110



7 VT Route 12



303 Main Street


South Strafford

216 VT Route 132



270 River Street


White River Junction

263 Maple Street


243 Sykes Mountain Avenue



105 Main Street



448 Woodstock Road


Mortgage Office 2588 Rte 4 East


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