Ask Manosh about their first 55 Years

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Our beginnings & Well Drilling Services

In 1959 Howard Manosh purchased a backhoe and started the H. A. Manosh Company as a one man operation. In 1965 he purchased his first well drilling rig.

Since that time The H. A. Manosh Company has drilled thousands of domestic, agricultural & municipal wells. We also offer specialized drilling services for business, industrial and agricultural customers. Services range from test drilling of major building sites to boring for elevator shaft bases.

Today, Nick Manosh, son of founder Howard Manosh, and the more than 30 + Manosh employees, take great pride in doing the same quality work we have always been known for. Our three drills operate year round. And, we have six service crews available to install pumps and provide well service. Crews are always “on call” as we offer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the water systems we install.

Manosh for Well Drilling 

Experience, technical skills, and customer service are just a few of the reasons those in need of well drilling services choose N.A. Manosh Inc. Drilling wells for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural uses, Manosh offers conventional well drilling, hydro fracturing, geo thermal drilling, and much more. 

This year Nick purchased our first DR-24 Foremost Drill. This is the only Dual Rotary Drill (up to 24”) in the northeastern states. This is a specialty drill and will set casing up to 24” in diameter. This DR-24 is commonly used for domestic and municipal wells, and can be used for construction applications such as foundation piling projects, holes for hydraulic elevator jacks, bridge piles, irrigation wells, geothermal wells and for projects in tight spacing.

Specialty Water Services

Manosh also provides pond aeration fountains, organic pond treatment and waterfall pumps for any of your outdoor or indoor landscape projects. And, Manosh provides water treatment services for your new or existing water system we install.

We help make your old water system more modern and may add storage tanks and/or deepen your well with hydro fracturing, etc. The Manosh staff takes pride in talking with their customers about what’s right for your needs. We can help you to meet your long term goals for your water system. 

Manosh has a line of water distillers that remove 99.9% of all minerals from the water giving you most effective water purification process available. We carry the best line of water distillers on the market. Pure Water manufactures them here in the USA and they are 100% Stainless Steel. We have a full selection of different sizes and offer them with a very affordable lease program for home or office use. Contact a sales agent to discuss the details.

Construction & Excavation

Manosh works on construction projects, as well. We provide excavation services, domestic, agricultural, commercial, industrial and municipal water systems.

While we are proud of where we came from, we don't intend to rest on our laurels. Manosh has always believed in keeping up on the latest technology to better serve our customers. However, we do take pride in continuing to provide the same old fashioned service that we have for over 55 years.

Life at N.A. Manosh Corp.

Not only does N.A. Manosh offer exceptional customer service, technical skills and experience, the benefits that come with working as a team member for the company are rewarding. Manosh offers a great working environment where we all get along very well. This is essential in a small business environment. Working closely with each other and being able to gain knowledge of the entire business is a great opportunity to enhance your experience and grow within the company. It’s important for the entire company that the owner works directly with each and every employee to facilitate the best employee morale & environment, which translates into exceptional customer service across the board.

Manosh Properties

N.A. Manosh offers many commercial lots & buildings for lease. Contact us for all your leasing needs. We can build or renovate to suit your specific requirements.

Wash your vehicles... Yes, we have a carwash, too!

N.A. Manosh also operates the only carwash in the area. Manosh carwash is the leading carwash in Lamoille County and Northern VT, located between Jeffersonville, Stowe and Hardwick near the Morrisville shopping plaza. With our newest Laser Wash system, you can rest assured that your vehicle will come out looking its best. With six bays to choose from, 3 of which are self-serve, there is never a long wait to get your vehicle washed and then be on your way.


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Owner/President: Nick Manosh


Well Drilling, Water Systems, Geothermal & Water Treatment

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