The Agilion Way

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When we founded Agilion five years ago, our goal was to create simple web applications to help businesses do more with less. We have worked with over 40 successful companies to develop and evolve their ideas and offerings through modern web technology. We’ve learned many lessons that we continually feed back into our process, but above all, this experience has led us to our four core values: Simplicity, Effective Communication, Care and Accountability, and Proactivity.

These core values are the foundation of our unique process: The Agilion Way. The Agilion Way is our method of defining, building, and evolving high performing software for businesses. This method helps us consistently build the right product the right way, thereby producing elegant solutions to complex problems.

Building the right product starts with Discovery, a collaborative process of exploring and defining why and how software will support your business goals. There are a million options to integrate technology into your company, but we take a different approach than most vendors. We first identify the essence of your business - what makes you unique - then we clarify and create a vision for the proposed project. Our focus is always on simplicity and value.

The next phase in our process is Concept, where the vision takes shape. We define a solution that will seamlessly become part of your organization. We take what we’ve learned and ensure the software aligns with your business values and will grow as you grow. 

Once we’ve defined the right software, we move into Implementation and Iteration. These are the highest value phases for our customers. We become your technology experts to build software for your specific need so you can be competitive in today’s market.

The Agilion Way is a proven process to support companies who are striving to become more technology driven. CEOs and entrepreneurs trust us to maintain and evolve the technology for their company so they can concentrate on their highest value tasks. Through simplicity, effective communication, care and accountability, and proactivity, we promise an experience that is unparalleled. 

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