Aegis Renewable Energy Driven by a passion for positive impact

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Aegis Renewable Energy was founded by Nils Behn in 2011. As a native Vermonter, Nils grew up surrounded by the unique natural beauty that can only be found here. At an early age Nils forged what would become a lifelong connection and commitment to reducing the impact we have on the natural environment. Nils’ accomplishments, during his 17 years in the business of renewable energy, is clear testimony to the resolve behind his commitment. 

Aegis Renewable Energy is now on the Solar Power World list of top 500 renewable energy companies in the country and has become a highly respected leader in commercial and community scale renewable energy construction, as well as site feasibility, system design, permitting, financial modeling, and project financing. 

The Aegis Team

Aegis’s people set it apart. Aegis has attracted some of the most talented individuals in the industry. Their proven expertise and integrity has been instrumental in helping Aegis establish its exceptional reputation among their clients, regulators, sub-contractors, and their colleagues within the industry. 

Nils will tell you that it takes a partnership mentality to successfully turnkey renewable energy projects.  “Each of our projects contain challenges and that is where a great team comes into play.”  Nils’s wife Sonia oversees everything in the office from contract review to all HR, marketing, and financial operations of the company as well as management of internal controls, safety, and risk assessment.

Tom Flynn, is a structural and civil engineer with over 30 years of experience and ran one of the top 5 project management consulting firms in the United States. Tom’s focus on industry and internal best practices ensures that every Aegis project meets or exceeds both the requirements of its clients and the regulators. “We are focused on maintaining and implementing best practices utilized by much larger companies. This ensures process integrity, construct-ability and a platform for responsible company growth.”

Chris Lamonia manages all of Aegis's business development and project finance using skills he honed over his 15 years in the renewable energy business. “Economics are the driver for most parties involved in a transaction; that translates a better bottom line for Vermont farms, businesses, and communities. It just so happens that good project economics hastens the implementation of renewables which, as a result, contributes to making a positive impact on global climate change.” said Lamonia. 

Aegis Customers

At the core of any business is your customers.  Behn takes no exception to this rule. “We interact with vendors and subcontractors daily. Some have great customer service and others fall short. It is a pretty simple concept but it is amazing how many companies say it, but get it wrong.  To treat customers the way you would expect to be treated goes an amazingly long way. The fact that we have doubled our business every year since 2011 reaffirms to us how important customer support is.”

Community-Owned Solar Farms

Aegis has been at the forefront of developing and implementing the member owned community solar farm model. This innovative concept allows home owners and businesses to purchase and own solar panels that make up a community array. Members opt to purchase any number of available panels in the array depending on their needs and energy savings goals. This ownership model is the most cost effective way for small energy users to own solar and includes ZERO out of pocket expense.  

Commercial Solar and Wind 

Turbine Installations

Solar and wind turbine installations must be managed according to many critical factors, including solar and wind availability, access to transmission infrastructure, aesthetic, environmental impact, and public engagement. Aegis has a proven track record of successful projects, for businesses and governments, ranging from 30kW to 2600kW.

Aegis Renewable Energy, Inc.

340 Mad River Park, Suite 6

Waitsfield, VT 05673

Phone: 802-560-0055




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