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Even in today’s multimedia world and digital age radio reaches over 93% of the U.S. population each and every week. Whether it is your goal to build brand loyalty, drive traffic to your store, phone, or website, or to educate listeners on your product or service, Vox AM/FM can customize an effective radio marketing campaign to grow your revenues. 

Radio continues to expand its reach and has seen the least decline in usage compared to traditional mediums such as  television and print. The facts prove radio thrives, engages and influences listeners like never before. 

Radio is an intimate form of advertising and offers a captive audience. Many people listen alone, such as when exercising, driving, or at work. 

Our listeners develop strong relationships with their  favorite stations, identifying with the music and bonding with on-air personalities. No matter whether you advertise on 101.3 ESPN to reach upscale male listeners..on Star 92.9 to reach women…or Planet 96.7 to reach millenials, our stations know their audience demographics. Your advertising reaches the gender, age and economic status you’re business wants to target. In today’s saturated media environment, radio continues to deliver the results.

Vox AM/FM owns and operates radio stations in the Burlington, VT - Plattsburgh, NY Market. We reach a wide variety of listeners, from well-educated, to working professionals, to families, to even the  elusive millennials. Our stations reach decision makers ready to learn more about your business.

Media Strategy:

Growing your business is our business. When you're out to reach new, prospective clients, radio advertising delivers a budget-friendly advertising solution, with the frequency needed to get you results.

Social Marketing:

Radio is the original social media. We can connect our advertisers with our listeners through common bonds, events and activities. Our facebook pages have very high listener engagement. We connect with over 32,000 facebook fans and that number continues to grow every day!

Recruit with us!

Our stations offer a powerful tool for recruitment. We can super target based on our distinct formats. We have helped numerous local businesses fill positions more cost efficiently and more effectively than traditional print classified platforms.

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