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March of Dimes grant helps moms, babies in opioid crisis

Tue, 01/31/2017 - 4:13am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Keeping mothers and babies safe in the midst of the opioid crisis in northern New England is the goal of a new online toolkit being tested in eight regional hospitals. The new collaborative program also encourages smoking cessation among this patient population in year two of a three-year, $127,000 grant that Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Perinatal Addiction Treatment Program received from the March of Dimes in 2016.

Donovan, 17 AGs oppose Trump's 'unconstitutional' immigration order

Mon, 01/30/2017 - 4:46pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Vermont Attorney General Donovan joined 16 other Attorneys General to stand up for individual freedoms and to protect the rights of all Vermonters and Americans. The full statement begins: “As the chief legal officers for over 130 million Americans and foreign residents of our states, we condemn President Trump's unconstitutional, un-American and unlawful Executive Order and will work together to ensure the federal government obeys the Constitution, respects our history as a nation of immigrants, and does not unlawfully target anyone because of their national origin or faith."

Annette Smith: The Kafkaesque world of windmill neighbors

Mon, 01/30/2017 - 4:38pm -- tim

by Annette Smith The definition of “Kafkaesque”: “Describing something that is horribly complicated for no reason, usually in reference to bureaucracy.” Neighbors of operating and proposed wind projects are watching in disbelief as they witness the Public Service Board (PSB) issue Orders affirming the rights of the wind industry while putting neighbors through expensive, time-consuming legal processes that tramples neighbors’ rights and provide no relief.

Burlington Telecom Advisory Board on Tuesday to discuss schedule for BT transaction

Mon, 01/30/2017 - 3:25pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine The Burlington Telecom Advisory Board (BTAB) will host a community meeting Tuesday night at the Fletcher Free Library to discuss the timing and process by which Burlington Telecom (BT) will seek a new partner. Mayor Weinberger will not attend this event, but is advising it so that the public and the media are aware of this important discussion regarding the future of BT.

PAI: No homeowner tax relief in governor’s school budget cuts

Mon, 01/30/2017 - 2:15pm -- tim

Public Assets Institute Governor Phil Scott said this week that property taxes were one of the biggest contributors to what he calls the state’s “affordability crisis,” and he called on local school boards to cut more than $50 million from the budgets they’ve prepared for next year. But if schools make the cuts the governor has asked for, Vermont homeowners won’t see lower taxes. Instead, school budget savings will be used to cover new obligations the governor wants to pay for out of the education funding pot.

Coates: The consequence of doing nothing

Mon, 01/30/2017 - 7:43am -- tim

by David Coates, KPMG (retired), Colchester There is both good news and bad news in the latest report from the State's Actuary. First the good news.....the Retiree Health Care Benefits (OPEB) unfunded liability for state workers and teachers was reduced by $274 million from 2015 ($2.1 billion) to 2016 ($1.8 billion). This reduction reflects better claims experience than expected and, in fairness, many positive changes for both pensions and retiree health care benefits made by the Treasurer.

Governor Scott reacts to president's refugee actions

Sun, 01/29/2017 - 2:47pm -- tim

Governor Phil Scott As I said when the President’s Executive Order was first issued, I am concerned and disappointed with the message it sends, and the actions it takes. I applaud the federal court’s decision to stay the removal of individuals in the United States – and here in Vermont – legally with Green Cards and Visas, to their countries of origin.  It’s one thing to express concern about foreign terrorist entry, it is something entirely different to remove people who enter this country legally, only because they are from certain countries.

Leahy, Sanders, Welch 'deplore' Trump’s refugee policy

Sun, 01/29/2017 - 2:39pm -- tim

Congressional Delegation “We deplore President Trump’s decision to unilaterally halt the refugee resettlement program and specifically target Muslim countries.  By imposing a blanket ban on entire nationalities of men, women and children facing horrific violence and devastation, he has allowed fear to triumph over compassion and common sense."